Kygo, Chelsea Cutler – Not Ok (Lyric Video)

“Not Ok” out now!

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  1. Is it me? Breaking up by Distance Relationship. Seven months ago, I found a man I liked. He liked me too. We texted all days. But yesterday it all was changed, he dates another guy. And I’m broken heart 💔 This is so easy for him. But I’m drowning in tears.

  2. I just cant get over the damn fact that she literally says “ 2 weeks and 7 days “ . Damn you whats 7 days? Its a damn another week. Sorry other than this the song is lovely lol.

  3. Yes you are, people split every day. New beginnings. No stress. No hiding any thing. You're free Baby. Don't look back. Just don't pick a moocher. She needs to own something and have money to help you live a very nice life. I wish it were me.

  4. A lot of people are here saying that 2 weeks and 7 days = 3 weeks, but I think that was purposeful. It is probably a subtle way of showing how disoriented her mind is because of her sadness. The same goes for the butterfly, which represents her, flying around in confused circles.


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