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Satan’s plan with Christian Music has been to destroy worship all together. Open your eyes and test the spirits. Satan is out there destroying lives. Lecrae needs Jesus, he isn’t the same. Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee and Reach Records has on multiple occasions told you they aren’t Christian Rappers.

Will you believe them? Or continue acting as if it’s a lie. Pray for Kanye West. While he is very double minded and this could all be an act. We can only hope and pray.

Satan has for a very long time used MUSIC to destroy communities, lives, families and churches. He know’s how to manipulate tunes and will do so in efforts of creating little minions/slaves on earth.

Wake up!

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Kanye West EXPOSES CHH, Lecrae & "Christian Music" – Wow! by UC6d8gdVmOgimP9453Ee9miQ


  1. Kanye West pulled a sucker MC B-Boy move. All these Christian and gospel artist were trying to crossover and be pop artist…Lacrae/TobyMac, Kirk Franklin. And now Kanye making y’all look like suckers. Y’all suppose to be home court…you let the visiting team bully dominate you? And now this n👀a bout to bring his whole crew and take over gospel music and Christian music (Hillsong) like crack did Harlem in the 80’s. Y’all just gon let Kanye son you??? 😂 That’s what happens when you don’t follow The Supreme Coach. #JesusIsKing #Hillsong #HillsongMayBeOver

  2. I’m with this label. Please pray for me. I’m leaving currently and going through the process of transitioning my music. But i am done with this label and music distributors. Thank you! Bless my music to bless God’s people.

  3. You just opened up a whole new perspective on the Christian Rap industry that I never even knew. Literally, I use to love Christian Rap and all these top "Christian Rap" artists but then eventually I found myself….tapering away from it because its the same beat same lyrics. Then Kanye drops an album called "Jesus is King", which I will admit I was skeptical about it, however, I listened to it and It just sounds completely different (in the best way). I've watched the entire Jesus is King Experience on Joel Osteen's Live stream, and I was overwhelmed with joy and gladness. I am so happy to see Kanye living his life for Christ and being an ambassador for Him. Test their spirit and you will know them by their fruits, its time to stay woke!

  4. I find it troubling and sad that so many of you are so quick to turn your backs on Lecrae who has been spreading the word for years but yet keep saying things like "Pray for Kanye". Maybe you should pray for Lecrae instead of making negative youtube videos about him.

  5. If you would throw this much effort into doing good for others, that would be Christian like. Reach records is understandably a business with Christian roots and views. Its hip hop with substance and a good message. And the end of the day all there artiest have explained there struggles because they are just like you and I, flawed humans looking to better ourselves and better understand our rules as servants to our lord and savior. They just have a God given talent to help spread the word. Do more good and less complaining or "exposing". Have a blessed day.

  6. I have been watching your video about popeyes and boy you opened my eyes about somethings on that video. New subscriber.
    When it comes to music I don't listen to much secular music and I am doing my best to stop listening and I have to do the same for my children. Im more into soft instrumental.

  7. The laws of moses were never done away with like Jesus said and shall not until the heavens and earth shall pass of coarse Jesus was the sacrifice and we don't but most of the Torah is still in effect. Some are for women, some for men, some for priests ect.

  8. Kanye is not fake, he so real and honest about his faith in Christ, he does not even shy away from that and he is plundering hell. Yes I agree we need to pray that he grows stronger and more radical for Jesus. And keep on doing it no matter the persecution.

  9. We all show some sorta hypocrisy, here’s where we error. When we start to pick apart what God is doing in someone else’s story. We can’t put our outside judgement when we ourselves can’t see the heart. We can’t see the whole picture we cause we are human and fallible only see snapshots. I think you make some good points but you need to be careful how you pass a judgment on a child of God and how you use scripture to justify your own view and not how God sees.

  10. I agree with you 💯 Tali… Idk if Kanye is real or not ….I do believe he is a fake and making a mockery of the church again but he is doing church better than majority of these “church celebs” Good job sir keep sharing the word

  11. Kanye just had a great comeback. And were hoping he continues in his calling.
    Lecrae is trying to convince everyone he's not all Christ-like like he has been, but kanye wants everyone to consider him as christlike like he hasn't been.
    Yes, Lecrae is a christian, he's just trying to hard to convince ppl rightnow. He'll be alright. He just needs to be more careful with his rhetoric. Because the church ain't feelin that apostate sound he gave. (Which is why this video is a sound warning) He said he's a christian but he said his music isn't. So then, he said he doesnt serve God…

  12. Kanye to Christian's is what Trump is to truthers. This is all a psyop.Kanye just like Trump are frauds pretending expose the Christian hip hop industry,just like Trump is pretending to expose the media. This is more deception by the NWO.

  13. Lol I was with you til you pulled that “Christian artists promote the Illuminati”😂😂😂 bruh, that’s so old and has been heard and debated away a million times. If I had a triangle and an eye on an upcoming album of mine, does that mean I’m not a Christian?

  14. Kanye is making money moves… Jesus walks was one of his greatest hits… he went from asking bill gates or mark Zuckerberg for millions to a Christian artist… he's the biggest thing since Kirk Franklin and GP… He's playing his part to the fullest.

  15. Tali I found u when mario was exposed & the Lord really used you to explain marios testimony I was heart broken When I found out I had followed him for years. I watched all ur your videos & in one video u said something that shook my soul I broke down crying & immediately subscribed to you & after that happened 6 months ago I never received a notification from your videos & I couldn’t find ur account until yesterday I got a notification finally about popeyes video. Please pray for me Im gettin ready to step into a new level the Lord wants me to do street preaching w/a megaphone


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