Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow (Lyric Video)

‘Follow Your Arrow’, written by Kacey Musgraves, Shane McAnally & Brandy Clark, is featured on the album, ‘Same Trailer Different Park’ by Kacey Musgraves.


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  1. Kacey is just encouraging people to be comfortable with themselves and ignore the unrealistic pressures of society. I can't believe that some people would encourage people to turn to faking their lives instead of being happy and confident. Maybe you don't agree with the examples she uses, and guess what, That's Ok!! But the examples aren't the message. All this song is promoting is self-confidence and acceptance, and I find it sad that accepting one another is not tolerable for some.

  2. It's no worse than Bob Dylan, or anyone else. She may be on track to becoming a sort of reincarnated "janis joplin" performer. Just by ABC, of all companies, censoring "joint", they did her a service, by enlarging the number of listeners of that song, and by sparking more popularity for Kacey. It's rather ignorant and very stupid of ABC to censor her, the 1 time she sings and says "joint', considering all the filth that broadcast company promotes all other moments of every day

  3. Follow your arrow wherever it points!?! What kind of philosophy of life is this!?! Pretty empty, wouldn't you say!?!

    It's like the old 60's/70's "Make Love, Not War!" Translation: Instead of fighting for freedom, go have sex with someone.

    The lyrics here are just as vacuous.

  4. I Think this song is great and for all of you whiners out there she aint evil or a satanist she is just saying be yourself be unique not a copy of someone else and for the record I hope she keeps performing I will definatley be supporting her every steep of the way

  5. The song is about society, not her views. Shes not telling people to kiss around, shes telling them to live their lives the way they want to. its not your place to decide if i want o kiss another man or if i want to kiss a woman of another ethnicity. we've had people with that mindset before. ever hear of Adolph Hitler? so get off your high horse and stop telling people how to live.
    Btw, i AM a christian, so if you think this is a religious thing, you're wrong. but you're used to that obviously.


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