Song “K.A.A.N.: War Of Love Lyrics” from K.A.A.N. Lyrics album:

Yes lawd
And you can say that my music is elegant
Long as it’s never repetitive
Peddlin’ passive aggression through all of your sentences
Lost in the depths of my sentiments
Center yourself and then sense all the sensitives
Search for the source of your pain
That resides in your brain
A perpetual force or a fortress
That was disproportionate
Pour a conventional portion
Can you give me a motherfucking second or minute to kill it
I promise you’ll love it
And never put nothing above it
You [?] the greatest motherfucking thing that was ever heard in your sorry ass life
You giving into a vice
My advice is focusing on practicing to get it right, but it’s nice
When the light shines bright
For the moment in time being the realest, I finally understand it
That life is all about making a plan, becoming a man
Couldn’t comprehend
Remembering when I was younger and dumber, but now giving you something you never seen
With the realization that everything ain’t what it seems
Just a nigga tryna live inside a dream

Yes lawd
Uh huh
Nigga Faiz in the beat
Extra crispy and shit

Look, I
Wonder when it’s all gon’ end
Paint a picture with a pen
I guess it really depends
On the mindset that I’m currently in
To defend
Realizing that these motherfuckers really wanna pass me up
And turn a nigga to a passenger
Never relaxing cause
I wanna focus on vernacular
But through the mud is where their dragging us
Tell me to pack it up
My nigga, look
Said I would never quit it
Admit it the victim was timid
The type and the tip and the top like they picking your pocket
And pitted your problem
I profit on propositional power
Devour then cower the cowards that counted in amounts
Was it really for material wealth?
You’re selfish
You only focus on your motherfucking self
Will it last?
Only time gon tell
Well we’re all going to hell
But I thought that my poetry would avail
It’s a picture of the pain that I felt, my emotional tales
And I pray of a pair for the swell, but I hope that it all works out
You receive success and excess and your life stays blessed

Like the scar of age
Written all over my face
I remember his hands
And the way the mountains looked
The light shot diamonds from his eyes
Hungry for life

K.A.A.N.: War Of Love Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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