Song “K.A.A.N.: Vibes Lyrics” from K.A.A.N. Lyrics album:

Knowledge, nigga
Vibe with it

I would ask for a second at the most
Pray to God but I never get a response
Guess I’m really unimportant to the almighty
In a dark head space but I need light
Rewrite every single rhyme I would ever spit
I ain’t never been a nigga they considered cool
But can I kick it with the vision that I’m giving you
And to be honest man, I like it when I’m all alone
My telephone is on silent, I want to breathe
I think it’s funny that what these people have changed up
You better bow down, give me what I came for
My attitude is getting rude and I’ll admit that
But I recall when nobody gave my shit a listen
Now they all up on it, think I let ’em take a ride
Nigga, I’ma be the same until the day I die
You’ll find inside I bring the realest from a sicker mind
Trench coat mafia we’ll call it Columbine
Can’t sell my soul, I’ma need that please
Tell me where to go now
I am lost on a path of redemption
[?] I thought they wanna murder me
Show me how to separate, it’s an absurdity
Clarity is all I ask for these days
Somebody said that I should hate less and love more
Shit’s hard man, these niggas kinda random
How the hell do you relate to what I’ve been through?
You ain’t never seen a struggle quite like mine
Try to keep it all together but I might break
Put a bullet to my eyes for my soul’s sake
I don’t ever leave the house ’cause I don’t feel safe
All I know is that I wanna find a better way
We gotta make it happen now, I cannot hesitate
God damn!
Knowledge you back in this bitch, will they listen?
Your problems you packaging
Impasse a poignant poet, put it right on the page
Plenty people pay attention from pity
I am surrounded by vultures and leeches
Evil entities that beg for a feature
Politely dismissed but it’s still motherfuck ’em, I’m having enough in the sight of the ordinary
Now it’s necessary, I adjust the tempo
Tell the truth to troops, I truly mean every word
I’m absurd, I assert a certain type of energy
I am fulfilled by the lyrics, I feel like they fuck with me
That’s if they come with intentions intended
They’re only deceitful, you pray for my spirit when I am deceased
Now they piss on my grave and my memory
Lessen the pain, I’ll explain why I quit and submitted
Decipher the secrets inside of the sinister silent vision, very hungry
I try to achieve but the world is so sad that they stole it from me
So that someone that seldomly uses it can’t see the beauty in what I create unless it has a monetary value
Dollars and cents
I want sinners to sacrifice for your repentance

Knowledge, nigga

K.A.A.N.: Vibes Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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