Song “K.A.A.N.: STRONGER Lyrics” from K.A.A.N. Lyrics album:

[Holly Drummond:]
No one can save us now
The gates are open and the truth is flooding out

Feels like I’m trippin, I just can’t find myself
Many times I’ve been lost on this path, I’ve been searching for the man that I am
Lend me a piece of your love, I just need a little bit of your time
Can I have it?
Can I have it?
I’m in love with the cause, no one to save him at all
You blown away by the energy, Emphasize and maximize the melody
Manifest and I will make them believe, easy to see the deceased
Fake as they are, our shit is written for facade
I realize what is wrong, I remain calm
Conquer and murder them all
Pick a part I put a lot into it
I don’t do like everybody else, I ain’t even really interested
Sentences give my emotion
Kinda hopeless
Feel the sense, lost innocence, but no simple shift
Six simpletons I sense something different
Don’t sound convincing big vast of opinions
I past predictions, its my tradition
If the lyricist not resurrected with the right direction
With its like rejection, my honest statement is;
I’ll forever do me and never change till the day I expire
Lawd! Knowledge!

[Holly Drummond:]
I don’t want to save us now
I’m letting go of the weight that pulls me down

Going in right by my time will never be wasted
Turn the bass up a bit till its shaking
Think fast to the state that been baking
Can’t quit to the point that I make it
Putting the hands of my enemy’s unequivocally
We have stated the purpose of pointed myself
As a champion showing you all that I have
Making it easy to grasp
I gratify with my gift of gab
Giving you vision to go and get
A secular form of some happiness
You could imagine and realize
Keep it inside and never monetize
This is the way to prioritize
Another chapter for your monologue

All this time we’ve been searching
Searching for someone
Someone to make us stronger

K.A.A.N.: STRONGER Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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