Song “K.A.A.N.: L’s Remix Lyrics” from K.A.A.N. Lyrics album:

I take my time with every line
Make sure that its dope
Make sure that its dope
But do I go in and then kill this shit?
You already know
You already know
I got this pain that’s inside of me
I’m repressing my feelings and hiding them
Look, emotionally I am out of it
And the will to survive I can’t find that shit

I like to speak on my issues (on my issues)
And these niggas most superficial (most superficial)
See your shit is so artificial (so artificial)
That I’d rather talk about my struggle (my struggle)
And not give a fuck if you judging (you judging)
Look, hate it or love it you will respect
I tell the truth that’s from my perspective
The style got too real now you been subjected
And my shit so sick that they been infected
I’m the founding father with no benefactor
How the fuck you perfect what I’ve been inventing
Victimize em with realism
Placed within a vented verse that hurts at first to think
Many moons ago nobody gave a shit
Way to make it now man we’ve been paving
And me and my nigga we stay in the basement
Singular focus avoiding the basic shit
Working like slaves or two indentured servants
Serving these sermons like EPMD
And my purpose so clear its like pure LSD
In your pineal gland now they all understand
That my plan wasn’t candid, the working mechanics
Of what we’ve been doing is simple as shit
You can see for yourself if it helps you feel comfortable

Got to make it captivating
Let me grasp your attention with the temperamental
Take it down memory lane with the sentimental
I’m a mystic fuckin poet that you see as a myth
And I’m showing my lyrical gift
That’s when I lift up a pen
An opinion isn’t necessary
I swear I’m in the super state
I say the realest shit
That’s ever been written on instrumentals
And given out to the people that’s pleading for something more
Than a boy that they represented in the poorest fashion
I repair with passion when I master the craft
The craziest shit that I created is quarantined from the populace
Something that you ain’t even ready for

Practice the truth I can see that you’re false
And the flow from 09 like I dug in the vault
I don’t know what I want
And I can’t justify if
The side of the dice should be rolled for appropriate risk
But this what I don’t get
Man, they choose and then pick
All this prevalent relevant ignorant shit
And the song where I say that my problems exist
All they take away from is my flow is the shit
Like they didn’t hear nothing
Assuming their blind so I wrote this in braille
I’m lost in the abyss and remiss to admit
And repeat that I’m lonely as shit
But I’m close to defeat
If I rise to my feet with the fleet or a faction
I pray for mercy
My spirit is shattered
My pride is in shambles
I seldomly matter
My soul has turned cold
Like I’m no longer human
I’m destined for hell but the temperatures humid
I made reservations by never repenting
I’m sinning again
As I sit by myself in these cinemas
Synonyms sweeter than sugar
I’m swimming in sorrow
But drowning in pity
A dangerous mix of emotions I live in
I think I’m incapable of being flawed
So you play your hand and I’m gon’ play mine
The name of the game is longevity
Heard me
So let’s see who’s popping two thousand and thirty
If this shit was worth it or was it a waste
I just turned 25 I don’t have time to wait

I tried to give this all up yesterday
I got demons inside of me I’m never safe
I feel no pulse
Like my heart isn’t working
I’ll never find peace and I know that for certain
I state to myself I am mentally sick
I talk to Jehovah
Does he give a shit
I’m giving my all
Yet they’re still not convinced
There is a fork in the road
That’s committing or quitting
I’ve been dedicated but now I feel low
My style resonates with these kids all alone
In a home that is hectic as fuck
With no-one they can call
Come along I invite you inside of this journey
These jesters are jealous
I jab with my javelin
Aim for the jugular
[?] and show them my gist was a justified action
We asked for equality
Lyrics like arsenic, often endorsing grand larceny
Lines ain’t no nursery rhymes
I’m expanding your mind
And depending my pen
For the perfect position
With accurate alliteration I give it
The difference is patience
To judge an incision
Know every outcome before I make a decision
Its all about attention
To detail my nigga
Just have pure intentions
And faith in the process


K.A.A.N.: L’s Remix Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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