Song “K.A.A.N.: Insomnia Lyrics” from K.A.A.N. Lyrics album:

Can’t sleep
Nigga can’t sleep
I can’t sleep
I can’t sleep lawd

I’m wide awake
I can’t sleep and

I can’t sleep still wide awake
And I can’t sleep still wide awake
And I think I lost my fucking mind
Cause I swear to God I wanna die today [x2]

Now take it back to the motherfucking days
When a young nigga didn’t have any fucking problems
Where did you go and who do you call?
When you feel like you had ran out of every fucking option
And I’m a pill pop till a nigga feel nauseous
Suicide on my mind got me mentally exhausted
Fell in love with the pain cutting my own wrist
And watching the blood drip don’t nobody give a shit
Until that motherfucking trip
Gone postal
Damn my nigga lost it
What does everybody think that I am finna do?
Here is something you can never understand
Is the way I kill a man
Make a life seem minuscule
Been a fool
Try to OD back in middle school
Losing my composure
I’m dosing but tryna keep it cool
Cause if it don’t make money
Than it don’t make sense
In the land where a handful of cash rules
Dirt broke
The way that niggas are re-tenant
Complacent with being tenant
The problem never lieutenant
In a system where ownership depended on profession
Confessin’ that I’m obsessed
With the craft that I’ve adapted
Writing a spiritual doctrine
I’ve back it up on conflict
I deal with on the constant
Skeletons in my closet
Place sins on my conscience
Does anybody ever listen when a young nigga speak?
My god!
You ain’t got a voice in your head
That tell you to leave ’em dead
Turn the white wall red, nigga
Cut a motherfucker throat
I sit and I watch ’em choke
Suffocate upon your last fucking breath, nigga
Schizophrenic yes I am
Another young black man
With a whole lot of pain
I have nothing to lose
And everything to obtain
Going crazy with these suicidal thoughts in my brain

I can’t sleep still wide awake
And I can’t sleep still wide awake
And I think I lost my fucking mind
Cause I swear to God I wanna die today [x2]

Now I personally feel
You should never get involved
With a psychopathic killer that’s living closer to God
In a blacked out room with a demon on the wall
Already hallucinating from a handful of acid
Crashed the damn van inside of the mad casket
Cultivated the vision re-visual whiplashes
Premonitions of death, I’ve seen through thick glasses
I’m runnin’ outta time but preaching to big masses
Sanctifying a mind of a lost atheist bastard
Covenants of the woman that’s battin’ her eyelashes
Blacked out the aesthetics I’m grabbin’ a whore faster
Retract and attack on the motherfuckin’ master
Servin’ an hors d’oeuvre of blood, pain and disaster
Painted a perfect picture of bodies gettin’ disfigured
I started off with a pen until I’m slicin’ the cartilage
Cuttin’ yo body open like a fuckin’ Cardiologist
I’m just an entity with an appetite
Not a mothafucka that anotha nigga wanna aggravate
Hand on a blade, shaky whenever agitated
Not exaggerated it’s factual when elaborated
I collaborated with the spirit of every serial killer
With a couple John Does that were found by the river
Just a few random thoughts you can find in my mind
The greatest of all-time ah!

K.A.A.N.: Insomnia Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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