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Lately I’ve been looking for myself I’m just trying to find some happiness wish I never lost my innocence in the middle of a sicker struggle
I’m dependent on a different feeling I can only find it with a milligram and ima need some more for my tolerance and that’s way higher than my confidence
Became introverted and don’t speak and I can’t sleep I been so stressed. what if the plan do not pan out all the time that I’m putting in
Wasted energy upon the dream and I can feel the fate as I begin to flow and I have been sedated for a couple months cause I am too depressed about a lot of shit
Life ain’t going like I thought it would. realizing I’m a lost cause, pray to God that I can find some peace I need the recipe you know the formula to get a normal life
I stay isolated can’t trust a soul I don’t feel love its like the only ones that ever cared about me these different drugs so I choose to use them I mixed them up
I need variety and I’m an outcast of this society with no 3 stacks and no Looshaus lair just loose morals and a ton of pain
Platency that I can never change start the fire Ima let it burn feeling low I know I need help

Headed to a safe place, can you relate to my predicament? I’m in vicious cycle but it never ends I might get clean for like a few days
But Its a constant struggle I need strength, I don’t have faith, and I’m insecure a self conscious man that feels agony I can’t fill the void in my fuckin heart But I’m terrified and I’m paranoid, I know I had the choice of positivity and my potential was a promiscuity but realistically
I am a weaker person persecute the soul I execute the purpose of my self destruction I don’t have a conscious in a constant battle
But its mentally I need to find a better outlet lost in the dark space damn!


Talking about the pain that I repress I’m in mutual relationships everyday, and I’ve been living straight by addiction but they can not understand the reason why I do it. I am feeling like everyone else is against me I carry a chip on my shoulder as long that’s holding my head to the ground but I’m lower than ever
It never gets better I bet they maintain I’m the Perfect example of wasted potential Not to mention all of my opportunity’s are passing, can not commit to sobriety prior to pardon my etiquette, we make it darker to see what the message is affirmations alegated repetitive pacing myself on the why can’t I and I do it, I come for oblivion I’m covering agony Masterpiece that was inspired by Misery living my life and I live for a muse, focusing something I like at the the moment
I’m vulnerable I am a loner insisting I see what it is, I get the sense that these people are fake, I’m disconnected I have No emotions
I’m heartless I’ve started to realize there is no hope. I am inspired by nothing I notice the smoke in the mirror’s the sight of the sober
The flight that I’m on it was artificial, disappear into disparity, and everything that we are given is realistic its depicted inside of my mind the minute I think half of my thoughts I’m moving on salutations from a better bond

I do not feel like the person I was or I used to be I know my purpose is gone, pray that I can become mentally strong I’m holding on but I know that I’m finished
Empty inside man I need to replenish, I said that I’ll quit but I’m back on that shit and I sit by myself feeling disappointing but its really pointed that I’m pointed out
Conversations with nobody else, at my lowest I sincerely know it I’m a lotus flower in the concrete Dirty pedals and a crooked stem but when I needed friends
Man I could never find em so I find my reality when I hallucinate, losing myself I can not get a grip of my self esteem man that no longer exist

K.A.A.N.: I.F.L.D Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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