Song “K.A.A.N.: Flowers Lyrics” from K.A.A.N. Lyrics album:

You could say ya don’t need me
But with the energy I put inside of every track
I guarantee that I can make ’em look easy
Motherfucker better believe
That we are given a grievance
Nigga never receded to the back of the line
Every time that I rhyme it blows your whole mind
To divine from a sign the illegitimate grind
Of a man that was trying to expand his horizons
Looking at a pen and a pad
And I gotta find a source of innovation
More inspiration, procrastination won’t save the masses
The way that I’ve been setting an example for you bastards
No I’m not bashful, time has been passing
Every single second devoted to my passion
Pray my dedication is never put in a casket
The way that I’ve been rhyming and flowing I gotta have it
Givin’ my all as I do when your shit is the truth
There’s no reason to lie
I defy with these intricate lyrics
A derelict spirit, I pray to the Lord
Tell me the reason why I am still grieving
I’m depressed as fuck and looking for the meaning
While fiending and dreaming of sanity
Yes and I wish I was in this calamity
Less if I’m actually blessed and I wouldn’t confess
That my mind is obsessed with that beautiful death
Taking my time so that I murder the beat
And everything a nigga do is just greater
I disintegrate you with the incinerator
Residuous lyrics and motherfucker no fable
The labour of love, they judge but I was never for the fake
It’s delayed, let’s delay for the sake of the sound
And I found that the pain is the perfect companion
To finally understand that the man has been outstanding
This is outlandish, you take for granted
I said I got a vision, I put in up on a canvas
I am not candid, you would give us semantics
My mind is manic, flow will cause cancer
Please do not panic, a peace that I seek
Is the peak that departed regardless of conscious
A call to the constant, eliminate hate
So it breaks from the concept
Reflects in the concept
Pick it up with the bass and the beat
As I pause for a second
I wanted to give a message
I never make guarantees and I promise the beat
Is sickest nigga you never seen
As I fuck up the beat till it’s unrecognizable
Tell me that’s plausible, not what’s impossible
Toppling obstacles, make it applaudable
Fuck with this sound that’s affecting your audio
Often I find myself off of the path
As I clash with a sense of identity
Sentences filled with the pain that I’m feeling
Concealing, revealing
I’m willing to go to the brink
And I’m praying my ship never sink
‘Cause I think I can solve any problem
I find in a drink, on the edge of insanity
Panic and pray and my prominence
Put in part of the cadance, complacent, whatever
What I do is better than most of these niggas
You claiming your favourite
Debate if I make it you never relate
Been relaying the work that I speak is the gospel
I eat with apostles but not you impostors
It’s proper to foster the truth
So we find all the honesty
Some may see as intuition it’s out of division
Permission is needed to step in my presence
The essence of everything that I am preaching
Beseeching the people by showing we’re equal
Not evil, deceitful like most of them be
When they slave our materials, we’re never free
It’s a fucking disease or a pretence of rhetoric
Try to repent for your sins ’cause at the beginning
We’re given no room with no way
If I stay in this random position I’m in
My definity was to excel, with the love I expel on the page
And the hate I contain
Is the reason I know that I’m going to Hell

K.A.A.N.: Flowers Lyrics from K.A.A.N. Lyrics

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