Jain – Makeba (Lyrics Video)

From “Zanaka”, album available :

Lyric video directed by Dalkhafine
Produced by Spookland

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“ooohe” Makeba ma qué bella,
can i get a ” oohe ” Makeba,
makes my body dance for you ,

I want to hear your breath just next to my soul,
i want to feel oppress without any rest,
i want to see you sing, i want to see you fight,
because you are the real beauty of human right ,

Nobody can beat the Mama Africa,
you follow the beat that she’s going to give you,
only her smile can all make it go,
the sufferation of a thousand more.

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  1. My first language is English so i am not sure what "ma que bella" can any French speakers explain?

    Anglais est moi premier language alors je ne sais pas quoi "ma que bella" est gens do français aide moi si vous plait !


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