This link will tell you directly to this instrumental worship song over 10 Minutes long for you to download for free. Thought I would share it. This instrumental Worship Music blesses me, I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy!

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Instrumental Worship Music [soft piano] Healing Music by UC4O_Xq92OKrVKjUKXu6RvCA


  1. so majestic and tearjerking. I'm an ex-porn addict and I listened to this song as I prayed for the umpteenth time I looked at pornography. I thought I had repented several times ago, but I never truly gave up my addiction. when I listened to this song, I fell on my knees and begged the Lord Jesus to forgive me and bring me out of the debachery I'd given myself into. Praise the Lord Jesus for saving me from my sin and giving me freedom for lust!!

  2. you ever have so much peace and glory that you can't keep your eyes open . the other day I was haveing pray whith my family and there wus so much peace more then one of us fell asleep . best prayer meeting ever!!😃😃😃😃

  3. Up on a hill, down by the river, upon the ocean,across the field. By the word of The Boognish, i said lordy lordy lord im coming home.
    When i was younger, my mumma told me, she said "Leroy, I wanna smell it. Then she smelt it, and it was smelly.She said Lordy lordy Im coming home…..

  4. This song restores my soul. I wake up to it every morning and in the evening during my prayer time. words just can't describe the level it takes me to. Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing.

  5. Truly wonderful, Holy Spirit can use music to glorify God or edify people. Music can create an atmosphere that facilitates the tongues, or interpretation, prophecy, healing, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, the gift of faith and the gift of miracles makes interaction possible (2. Kings 3,15)

  6. This is the first time I've checked out soaking music. I always put worship on all day in the house but there is something so much more intimate and personal about worshipping in your own language and own way without lyrics. Gorgeous thanks so much really appreciate it, you have provided many children a deeper way to connect to their Father xx

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