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This Instrumental worship music piano song is given to you free from Kenney B Music Ministry. This is great soaking worship music, instrumental worship piano music and worship songs for everyone!

Instrumental Soaking Worship Music [feel the presence of God INSTANTLY] by UC4O_Xq92OKrVKjUKXu6RvCA


  1. Dear God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Please heal my sadden lost soul. The woman that I truly loved with all my heart, that's an angel sent from heaven rejected me and married a dangerous hood thugged out staff sergeant that looks like the birth of a murderer. Lord she told me that we'd be friends for a long time. I'm so heartbroken. I poured out my blessings to her by sending her gifts, flowers, cards and candy. Lord how can an angel lie and reject and me? Dear God and Jesus, please bless me with a positive woman in my life. My ultimate blessing in my life was that beautiful angel. She was truly a beautiful soul that's one in a ZILLION. Lord please comfort me.Amen

  2. At this moment I hear the words of Gods Glory, through this musical piece. I am a Audio Engineer, preparing to paint my studio,which is built on the foundation of Christ.Everything i have learned and obtained towards my craft, was through heart yearning prayers to the lord. I ask of you my brothers and sisters may you pray that I defeat my biggest battles so that I can fulfill gods will with my ministry in music.

    God Bless all

  3. Lord your love is better than fine wine, Jesus turn all of our water into your sweet strong love wine…let us come and drink of you, so out of our bellies will flow rivers of living waters…SHAKA

  4. Sir you are right but you can see the fruits that a righteous person bares. To say people are making music for God by Degrading women and themselves is NOT GODLY! That is a trick from the enemy Please know God loves you and When you see his true Love you will repent and see the Light.

  5. most of the more charismatic churches don't quite get what you are saying…they confuse emotionalism for the actual working of the Holy Spirit in their hearts….the proof is in the fruit….when you meet God you are changed from one degree of glory to the next.

  6. When it comes to feeling the presence of GOD you got to want it he will always be there but to feel him you have to let him in i salute you for this incredible beat im an artist and producer song writer there is nothing better then to be able to feel him threw your talents that he gave you to use for good . people dont be ignorant if u dont like dont try and discorouge another mans work for GOD remember he is watching


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