If I had wings lyrics Dolly Parton

Hey there!
I couldn’t find a lyric video to ‘If I Had Wings’ and I personally fell in love with the heartstrings’ episode so here we are!
I hope you enjoy singing along and learning the lyrics to experience the magic of Dolly’s music

Watch more at: Lyrics Videos


  1. Came here after crying in all the episodes! My favorite especially is Sugar Hill as the couple is the same couple in "Thirty Spmething". Every song has touched my heart and soul in every episode! Such a huge fan!

  2. What a song and sung so beautifully.I fell in love with Dolly Parton during my teenage years after listening ;Joulene'.Today I watched her movie of episodes ….each one is so beautiful specially this story and song took my breath away

  3. I needed to hear this song tonight on the eve of a lonely Thanksgiving that I will be spending alone. I never pictured my life being this way; time for a fresh new start. Beautiful song that is an inspiration to make that change.


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