Song “iAmJakeHill: Nothing’s Changed Lyrics” from iAmJakeHill Lyrics album:

2 am, summer night
Tell me what I did this time
She mad again, I don’t wanna pretend
I’m not fed up I don’t wanna girlfriend, no no
She acting like, a hoe
Them tight jeans sit way low
She looks so damn good though
Go cry to your mama like you the one
That’s always right and I’m just dumb
She don’t wanna hear it
Go cry to your daddy like you a princess
Cause I’m an ass and he knows best
He don’t wanna hear it

There she go
There she go again
Always on her phone
Talkin shit about me to her friends
Nothing’s changed
There she go
There she go again
Swear she on a roll
Acting like she leavin’ me again
Nothing’s changed

Y u gotta look at me like that
Y u gotta leave and come right back
You’re looking like a mess
And you’re tripping over lame shit
Tell me I’m to blame
Keep on bitchin bout the same shit
You must be drunk just like the first night that I met you
Shoulda really listened to my friends they told me I’d regret you, but I
Still fucked with you anyway, I’m over you, give me space, its overdue any day now
I’ll see my way out, you’ll wake up face down and I’ll be up north and you’ll
Be biting your words you’re really the worst

iAmJakeHill: Nothing’s Changed Lyrics from iAmJakeHill Lyrics

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