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Fuck an apology
I’ma never be sorry
You people lookin’ at me funny
What the fuck is your problem?
I take a sip of the poison
Put it back in your face
I’m sick of all of your voices
Tell me how does it taste
You’re a waste of space
Always on my case, can I do my own shit?
Will I ever get a break?
I don’t need you breathing down my neck
Like you picking up my check
I don’t have to please you
I don’t wanna be you
Apparently you wanna be me
By the way you treat me
When you see me on the TV don’t be tryna get no freebies
You be salty like you seaweed
ATL to Ely
I promise you I’m coming up
And you never believed me

I am so restless I been up for days
I been keeping a checklist of all of the names
Of the people that fucked with me like I was nothing
You bitches ain’t shit to me but just a number
The devil is near me pulled up right beside me
Said where you been at I said bitch do not try me
I’m moving up quickly do not answer questions from enemies hiding identities
2 shots for the serpents
Click clack, nervous?
Call ’em when I see ’em pullin’ back clear curtains
Laying low but never undercover
Keep my friends close, the foes in the gutter
Switch up
Middle finger you can get fucked
Motherfucker fall back ‘fore you misjudge
Under estimate, don’t recesitate
Bitch made, pull the gun you hesitate
Switch blade for the ones that spread my name
Mistakes out standing debt to pay
Sick ways outlandish mess you made
Disgrace call a flood get swept away

Furnace is burning I’m quickly
Relearning my heart is all black
And my stomach is churning
The bitch in the back off a pill
She been yearning for dick and a bill
But I’m done with concerning
Fuck your life bitch I’ma spend the night rich
I’ma put it all behind me hope you end up in a ditch
No sympathy for witches, every day business
Yeah I’m soul-less, no forgiveness
I been choking, I been broken
Show you how my life is going
Peace is a far cry
Serendipity, sigh
Jump on the plane look back with a peace sign
Jump in a lane, can’t walk in a straight line
Speak on my name 2 face at the same time
Maybe I’m insane but the pain help me rewind
Picking at my brain, not ashamed, I am just fine
To the ones that feel like I do I feel you
I know what it’s like to be silenced I hear you
I know what it’s like to be broken inside
You just pick up the pieces and fall back in line
I know what it’s like to feel short on your time
You got hate in your heart and got death on your mind
You keep your head up but the world push it down
And you searching for someone to just hear you out

I’m a fuckin’ mess
Grit my teeth and I grip my chest
Better not pray me for me
I am not safe from me
Wanna hide away but
I can never get away from it

iAmJakeHill: Burn Lyrics from iAmJakeHill Lyrics

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