Hawk Nelson – Diamonds (Official Lyric Video)

From the album “Diamonds.” Download your copy at the links below:

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Connect with Hawk Nelson:

Website: www.smarturl.it/HawkNelsonWebsite
Facebook: www.smarturl.it/HawkNelsonFacebook
Twitter: www.smarturl.it/HawkNelsonTwitter
Instagram: www.smarturl.it/HawkNelsonInstagram

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  1. This song should make everyone think there really is an awesome god who is forming us into a beautiful diamond shinier than any other stone in this wonderous universe so people. Let s all join together and give jesus praise for what he has done to set us free.from total damnation the time is getting closer to his return we ought to be grateful for everything he has done toward this world our journey isn t over yet so rejoice each day we re given another day to serve him ELAINE COLLING PHX AZ

  2. HE is making diamonds out of us. He is showing us his love, mercy, kindness in times of darkness. You are my strength. I won't be afraid to shine and show everyone that it is only and truly YOU that matters.


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