Song “Entendre: Can’t Breath Lyrics” from Entendre Lyrics album:

Yo this shit is real
I’m worried bout rapping tryna get a deal
But niggas getting killed and shot a lot of emits teal
Sad thing only 15 but shit he missing meals
Had to watch his mama tune up get a bigger thrill
So mad all anger just building inside
Temptation killing his pride
As adrenaline hides
Loses breath his people getting drilled in his eyes
He don’t know what else to do stands still and he cries
Say black lives matters
Dead body’s lies after
Government hides laughter
They dont give a fuck
We down welfare cheating
Plus chicken grease eating
Lazy ass niggas always tryna get a buck
And I know that’s what they thinking whether like it or not protesting in the streets niggas fighting the cops
Man I’m preaching to my brethren and enlighten the block
I just another nigga wasting the violence to stop
I can’t breathe

Can’t breathe we dead already- before we live we getting shot in head already I can’t breathe

I mean it’s sad shit
It’s black kids that’s getting blasted
By law enforcement that’s acting
Commit harassment
How the hell we pay attention sit in classes
All my people shot damn this shots distracting
My niggas get so abused- apology overdue
And please expose the truth
To the world with a global view
No reverend
We can do is just protested it
Waiting outside and niggas is so restless
Gotta face the danger
Getting shot a racist strangers
Take the anger
From angry impatient ranger
God damn they wanna kill us
We just dumb gorilla
Assume we got guns and drill is
It’s not fun for niggas
I mean we gotta change something
Damn these lames frontin
Imagine they your main cousin
Was the frame public
See what the next option
But Feds watching
Cause we got way to much fucking bloodshed dropping

Entendre: Can’t Breath Lyrics from Entendre Lyrics

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