Song “EARTHGANG: Skit 2 Lyrics” from EARTHGANG Lyrics album:

[DC Young Fly:]
This shit is crazy! Niggas is passin’ me weed. Oh I can fly oh shit, I’m in the sky. I’m in here with the EarthGang niggas. EarthGang, ayy, can I be part of EarthGang? Y’a- okay, I-I’ll just be like PlantGang, I’m in my own shit, be like PlantGang, it’s a spin-off, PlantGang we in here. This shit is crazy, we in this mothafucka’, look at this shit! It’s so many aliens, I knew aliens was real! I’m finna go holler at them. Hello alien, my name is DC Young Fly, are you fuckin’? You are? This shit is lit! I’ll be back, I’ma be right back. I don’t know why I feel like I should just talk like that. She believes me, this shit is lit! Oh my goodness, look at that

EARTHGANG: Skit 2 Lyrics from EARTHGANG Lyrics

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