Don Moen – Our Father | Live Worship Sessions
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Worship with Don Moen to this live version of “Our Father”.

Acoustic Guitar & BGV: Lenny LeBlanc
Acoustic Guitar: Tony Hooper
BGV: Rachel Robinson
Electric Guitar: Tom Lane
Bass Guitar: Jason Foster
Drums: Tim Newton
Keyboard: Chris Springer
Sound Engineer: Chuck Harris

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Our Father

Verse 1
Hear our prayer
We are Your children
And we’ve gathered here today
We’ve gathered here to pray
Hear our cry (O Lord)
We need Your mercy
And we need Your grace today
Hear us as we pray

Our Father
Who art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Our Father
Hear us from Heaven
Forgive our sins we pray

Verse 2
Hear our song
As it rises to Heaven
May Your glory fill the earth
As the waters cover the sea
See our hearts
And remove anything
That is standing in the way
Of coming to You today

Though we are few
We’re surrounded by many
Who have crossed that river before
And this is the song
We’ll be singing forever
Holy is the Lord holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord holy is the Lord

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  1. I've never been so happy in my life. Surrendering all to God and accepting him with all ofnmy heart is the best decision that I made. I will continue to do my best in life for him.

  2. I've been falling in love with Don's Moes music because of his tutorials… What a blessing brother I will start playing your music in my church I wish the radio would play a little bit of your music it's such a blessing to the body of Christ.

  3. Matthew 6.9
    you therefore pray this way:
    Our Father, who art in heaven!
    hallowed be thy name!

    are you obeying orders
    of the son of god ( father jhvh ),
    when he orders you:
    hallowed be thy name – of God – jhvh !!!!!!!

    do you sanctify the holy name of the only god father
    jhvh ?????????


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