GATEWAY performing their song “Deliverance” live.

From the album: Greater Than

Worship Leader: Matthew Harris

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You wouldn’t let me stay a captive
You couldn’t stand to see my chains
And so You came to be my rescue
To part the waters in my way

Jesus, You are my deliverance
From death to life
From dark to light
Jesus, You show me what freedom is
You call my name
You broke my shame
You are my deliverance

You wouldn’t let me stay in judgment
You took the wrath that I deserved
Your outstretched arms became my rescue
Your blood has told me what I’m worth

Your love defeated the enemy
Your love defeated the enemy
Now there is victory ahead of me
There’s no looking back
No looking back

#gateway #greaterthan

Deliverance | Live | GATEWAY by UCeu-nBG7189QmZmiVVE1oUg


  1. This is yet again another flashy example as for what passes as "worship" in the modern American apostate church. Gateway Church is an apostate church. And Robert Morris is a false teacher. He's currently teaching a series on tithing again. Gotta keep that money rolling in. Fog machines and mood lighting don't pay for themselves and neither do lakeside properties.

  2. This song is an encouragement.. For months I've been in pain and suffering by the burdens.. And I was breaking down, without hope but only pain and sleepless nights with wet pillow. But this song has really encouragement me and I have found a new hope and my faith is stronger. I thank God for everything.

  3. A worship that reflects the sheer in dwelling of the Spirit Of God and an expression of His Passion for each and every person. It’s a Love song that I’m blessed to hear and experience ❤️


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