Dean Lewis – Half A Man (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

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  1. "How am I supposed to love you when I don't love who I am? And how can I give you all of me when I only half a man"

    @This part of the songs can touch man soul and of course it touch me too.

    If you love this broken songs please like here 👇.

  2. Everytime I get into a relationship it becomes great during the first few months. Mostly 3 months at max. Then for no apparent reason the person I'm dating starts showing less interest in me. This has happened to all my previous relationships, some even ended up with me being cheated on. What I don't get is that in all of them I try my best to be this great bf.

    I know there's something wrong I'm doing, maybe it's the fact that I'm anti social. And I fail to give them the kind of partner they expect from me. but I do try my best to fight this and be the best version of myself I could be.

    Sad thing is that even if I do ask the person I'm dating what it is I'm doing wrong they always tell me nothing and that it's not me it's themselves.

    I'm in a relationship now. Same as the others. It was great at first but now we hardly even talk. When ever I try to get us to meet she comes with excuses. I constantly feel like I'm forcing this relationship and half of me thinks it would be best if I just let it go. But then another part of me feels like it's a bad idea and I would regret. Crazy thing is that when I finally give in and decide maybe it's best I just let go. Then she shows interest for the time being but eventually she starts distancing herself again

    I think I'm broken and regardless of how hard I try in the end I'd still be were I am today. I've been trying to fight this thing for years now but everytime I think I'm making progress I just realized I was fooling myself and I'm bsck to square one

  3. I have been there before, believe me it is the worst feeling in the world when you don’t love who you’re. I was in really beautiful relationship with my girlfriend and she is just great and beautiful, but when there is something left behind or unanswered questions from the past relationship these questions are going to hunt you down and never let you move on with the new relationship. I hate love as simple as that.

  4. I haven’t legally been his wife in almost 2 years but in my heart, I am his. I wish things could have been different. I wish we could have found the way.


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