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The 1980s was a time of strife, the Falklands War, the miners’ strikes
The poor got poorer, while all of the fat cats had the time of their life
Now Shaun was a troubled lad, who could have had a family, could have had a mum and dad, but his dad
went away and wasn’t coming back, and he just wanted someone to understand that fact
And that’s exactly what happened one day in a dank underpass
It’d come to pass that some cunts were laughing at his mum’s fashion and he’d had enough of that
He come across a couple of lads having a chuckle that asked him what was up? What’s the matter?
So he told them the answer and they brightened him right up with their banter
til Gadget come back with a grudge and some cans and demanded “budge or I’ll batter you”
So Shaun goes home alone, he knows the ropes of the fuckery that’s happening
He roams the lonely roads and knows there’s no-one to trust and be happy with
But next day there’s a tap on the pane of his glass, it came from the path and it’s Gadget
He’s asking if Shaun wants to play, but Shaun isn’t sure what to say
Woody wants to know would he want to go because he’s sorry for the other day
Boys will be boys, buildings destroyed with military toys, the voiceless
Youth amused by noise, abuse, let loose, an excuse to avoid the truth
loosen the noose for a moment til they have to go home to a home that’s hopeless
New shoes just won’t cut it, if you want to let your hair down, go and cut it
A new suit, boots and braces, new mates to play with, share the pain with
Parents hate it, scared of changes, and letting their little tearaways get away with it
They’re at an age where they’ll go to parties and be exposed to the harsh things
It’s hard being dark seeing as the friends of your friends are incredibly right wing
He can’t mean what he says, he’s a mate but he’s asking you whether you’re Jamaican or
English, because your skin’s different to his he considers you insidious
Then shit begins to get serious, how did we get here to this?
Giving a talk on the British and forces being killed in the war in the Falklands
Then Shaun took a swing at him all because this was the war where he nearly was orphaned
Awful things happen, you have to draw a line, with a choice to walk away or stay behind
Combo saw what the naked eye couldn’t, the pain inside Shaun that made him ripe
for the patriots’ fight for the land so he made them shake hands and say goodbye
Sad, but it must be. It was time to take a drive, and travel the country
And after the National Front meet, Sean got moved from the back to the front seat
Truly one of the gang and a thug, see, that’s when stuff really began to get ugly
Tagging profanities in backstreets, bashing Pakistanis and black peeps
threatening to slash cheeks, a new flag and a tat on the back of the hand
that’s for keeps, our protagonist seems to have forgotten how to ask for sweets
These acts in the past were petty, but who can backchat to a machete?
brandished by an angry fascist heavy, “put that away Meggy, your ass is sweaty”
Gadge and the lads grabbed fags and bevvies, cans of Pepsi, then ran back
through the entry, left the shop totally messy, adrenaline sent Combo in a frenzy
Head red, heart hopeless and empty, it’s a headwreck why folks are unfriendly
to people of a different origin, cos what has skin got to do with it, we’re all wandering
through the shit, the human condition is truly a mission for a lunatic to live in
So we stick to wishing eachother well as long as we think that they’re wishing it as well
that’s why they gave the Asian living hell before baking a cake now they’re giving it to Smell
Skins have relationship issues aswell, and given the days he’s been living in a cell
can you blame Combo for his difficulties now? There isn’t much to dwell on for prisoners but how long
until they’re coming out. But I tell you this, getting blitzed isn’t really gonna help
Sitting in a flat getting fried with a black guy, issues in the back of your mind as he acts like
he’s got everything you never had and wish you did, rubbing it in your face, who is this kid
Immigrant from another race taking British priviliges, a nigger, ripping the piss
Gonna give him a kick in the face, a bit of discipline’ll stick him in his place, a sickening disgrace
Beat him senseless; he’s defenceless, leave your friend bleeding, please just end this
Immediately the grief and regret sets in, left one of your best friends with his head
decked in, you better get checked in to the A and E, lock yourself up, chuck away the
key. When the world’s on your shoulders you’ve got to be a soldier because
Real men don’t cry
Real men don’t cry

Dan Bull: This Is England Lyrics from Dan Bull Lyrics

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