Song “Dan Bull: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Lyrics” from Dan Bull Lyrics album:

[Verse 1:]
We’re off to the Moon
And it’s full of lunatics
With a new bag of tricks
This place needs a luminous lick of paint
And I’m doing this shit
Coming through on a humorous tip
Then I switch from a clown to the brutalest prick
Getting through many clips
So my finger’s superhumanly ripped
Is there room at the inn for a lawbringer
Enforcing enforcers to forcefully pick up a fork
And nick your dinner?
Give some applause, I’m a pure winner
I’m a mixture of helpful and selfish
Marshall and Elvis
Shark and a shellfish
Armed, armored and well fit
Can’t help it
I’m departing to Elpis

Everything’s going all wobbly

[Verse 2:]
I’ma find a pile of scrap
To mash up in the Grinder
Camp on a cliff and snipe you
I’m a Large Brain Matter Collider
Smashing up atoms and splattering minds up
No wonder I have to remind you that…
…Hang on a second, what’s that just behind you?
Got you in the botty with a Shotty
Now you’re as sloppy as a Nosh from a Rotty
Not Rocky
But I’ll knock ye out with my Noccas
Out with your knockers
She’s so hot I’m hot by proxy
And Athena, have you seen her?
That gladiator doesn’t need an arena
Tell them Tiny Tina just what she does
To my wiener’s demeanor
Could I even be keener
If she switched my decaf creamer
For a Cleavland Steamer?
I’m an eager beaver
Too bloody sweet for a tea with sweetener
I launch Vaulthunter.exe
So doom you can keep your BFG, sir
Don’t need that
To leave your face looking like a piece of pizza

When the Moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That’s a ballache, a ballache
When the Moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
Thats a ballache, a ballache

To The Moon And Back
To The Moon And
Back [x4]

[Verse 3:]
He’s a bastard, Handsome Jack
Keep the cash, have your ransom back
Him and dastardly plans go together
Like France and Jacques Chirac
‘Cause this is what happens when twats attack
And if you answer back
Then I’ll clamp your trap
Fancy that
I’m a Dandy Dan
A fancy man in a fancy hat
Hits hard and as harsh as a clap track
On a no limit records crap track
If it moves, I’ll frag dat
Bring it down like the NASDAQ
With my arsenal, I’m tear aparting all
Grammar Nazis who start a war
I don’t wanna boast
But I’m rather awe inspiring
When I’m flinging bars galore
Hit with a critical?
I told you shit’d get physical
Clips galore, but I piss them all away
In your face
Shoot anything from a brute to a cute bunny
Loot like a gold digger with a new hubby
Now I can’t fit into my suit ’cause I’m too tubby’
That pile of sand glitched
Is the dune buggy?


Dan Bull: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Lyrics from Dan Bull Lyrics

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