Song “DaBaby: Baby On Baby Out Now (Freestyle) Lyrics” from DaBaby Lyrics album:

Nigga, off the top, what the fuck you thought?
I ain’t gotta wait to kick it
If a bitch want me, then a bitch gon’ wait
I ain’t gotta wait for bitches (ha)
If I feel like playing I’ma play with my kid
I ain’t finna play with niggas (uh-uh)
And I got a gun for every room I got in my crib
You could say I stay with pistols (bitch)
You could say that I stay with another nigga bitch
You could tell if you play I’m clicking (let’s go)
You could tell that I’m nothing like none of these rappers
Everybody know Baby different (yeah)
And no I’m not no mufucking tough guy (uh-huh)
But if you play with me, put ’em up high (yeah)
My bitch she got pretty skin and pretty eyes
She look just like TLC Left Eye (uh-huh)
And I can’t be fucking them hoes from my city
But if I do she from the West side (the West)
And I can’t be fucking you bitches for free
You gotta pay me hoe, I’m that fine (huh)
We in this bitch, now we on that time
I don’t gotta pay for the sauce so I stack mine (yeah)
And I can wear sweatpants like everyday
And take your bitch like “that’s mine” (okay)
And you gon’ go blow your shit on clothes and shit
But watch me invest mine (uh-huh)
And I’ma show other niggas how to get some money
We ain’t waiting on tax time (talk to ’em)
And I ain’t playing no mothafuckin’ scratch off (uh-huh)
I’m tryna go get me some money (yeah)
Give jobs to my niggas, yeah, bitch, who the realest?
I ain’t being stingy with money (uh-huh)
I told ’em I’m Pac of the new shit (Pac)
You could reach in my pockets a new blue shit (yeah)
And Baby on Baby out now
When my shit come on everybody like “who this?” (who!)
I know they gon’ copy the flavor
I ain’t really tripping, lil nigga I do this (uh-huh)
Pull up to the scene with a new hoe (she new)
Them 50’s all pink like they nuvo (huh)
Them diamonds be dancing like Bruno (Mars)
Tell future to meet me on Pluto (yeah)
Tell your bitch to meet me in Miami
I need a vacation, I’m tryna bring two hoes (ah)
Fuck around and come back with a J.Lo
I’m strapped like them niggas on Halo
My sauce ain’t easy to copy, yeah they try to jock it
Can’t do what I do though
I could’ve dropped Baby on Baby but let that shit rock
But fuck that I ain’t fu tho
Yeah bitch I’m still hungry I need more (eat)
I take that back in and play CeeLo (huh)
They like my CD, it’s on repeat (yeah)
She clean up the dick, she a neat freak (mmm)
And you looking at the best mothafuckin’ rapper in his face when you see me nigga

The best mothafuckin’ rapper, nigga
Yeah, fuck you talkin’ about, nigga

DaBaby: Baby On Baby Out Now (Freestyle) Lyrics from DaBaby Lyrics

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