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Corrupt "Christian" Music Industry: Lecrae, Toby Mack, Occult Symbolism & What Is TRUE Worship Music by UC6d8gdVmOgimP9453Ee9miQ


  1. Oh my goodness brother this is so true bless you for telling TRUTH ABOUT THE CHURCH MUSIC… WHO WILL LISTEN THE LORD KNOWS thank you LORD JESUS FOR THE TRUTH HOLY SPIRIT LEADS US LEAD ME LORD ALWAYS THANK YOU FOR Discernment keen discernment

  2. Hmmmm David danced naked before the Lord and everyone in the streets; his wife snubbed him. She was barren all of her life. If God is not about variety and only wanted one style of worship, or even people, look at His creation. It’s a matter of the heart. He KNOWS the heart. I agree SINGING to the CROWD VS THE LORD. We have to be careful on this topic. Because satan does come as an angel of light. Discernment is not knowing from right and wrong but right and ALMOST right.

  3. My family and I used to listen to Christian music when I was younger. We would primarily do it while my mom and dad were dropping me off at my grandmas house before they went to work in the morning. We eventually stopped listening to it because the Lord revealed to my parents that it was not true praise and worship. So we switched to country music, but that didn’t work out either. Today’s country music is just like today’s Christian music. Artists who genuinely love Jesus and want to publicly praise him on the radio are not given any chance to do so. That said, every now and then the Lord will allow a song to play and touch someone’s life because there are people out there who want to play those types of songs. We should cherish those few moments.For example, my parents were going through a very rough time around the year 2003. Finances were very bad. Around that same time, Josh turner released his debut single Long Black Train. That song helped my parents get through that rough time and I thank God for having Josh turner write that song. I listen to it myself whenever I feel like the world is trying to destroy me. Sometimes God will speak to us through Music. As I said before, we should cherish those moments.

  4. I live in Nigeria and the " Christian music industry " is now about fame and fortune no more about glorifying and praising God. One hardly differentiates between a worldly music and the "Christian music". We have become more worldly than the world and we think that being 'hip' is godly. From the way the artist dress to the lyrics is all tinted with worldliness. Also pop artist now release gospel song and these songs are song in our churches just because the mention god in the songs. I still bless God that even in all this madness there are still gospel artist here who remain faithful to their calling and God will bless them even though they might not be so famous and rich. God bless

  5. You're taking the verse spoken by Jesus about offending the little ones out of context. Jesus is referring to child abuse as a whole and also directly at the Jews due to the teachings of the Talmud. Playing bad and unworthy worship is not the same although it is a serious matter.

  6. Thank you so much for this. This has helped me more than the in-depth studies about rhythms and beats etc etc. hours of videos and examples of worldly music vs…anyway. The few scriptures you shared helped my understanding a lot!

  7. This is another great video. I don't think people realize how close we are to the end and I believe just as music was used in Daniel for all the nations to bow down and worship the golden image the same method is going to be used with the antichrist. Christians in most churches are the frog in the boiling water. Notice once upon a time during worship all they had were just words on a projector. Then they turned into words plus a nice background design to make the screen look better. Now it's words plus moving images and sometimes they even through up the fake image of Jesus right behind the words of the song. People don't realize that this is preparing them subconsciously to worship the image even if they aren't meaning to. Music can control your mind and put it in a state to where you would do things you wouldn't do. I know I've been a musician for a long time. If you go to a church where they're showing images behind the lyrics of that fake Jesus you need to stop going because that's messing with your mind and you may not think it's a big deal but it is.

  8. Hallelujah!! This was so powerful and spirit led. If you are a believer you will hear the heart of God through this message. Just like it was said in the video would we bring any of this hip shaking, head bobbing "christian music" before Jesus Christ the King, Creator of all. Let's not deceive ourselves. He is Holy, Holy, Holy. There are many ways we can worship the Lord examples are in prayer, obedience to him, fasting, serving others, spreading the Gospel and ect. Music is also one way. The word of God says HIS true worshippers will worship him in spirit and in truth. Idolatry is sin. Don't put music artist before God. May Jesus bless us with discernment and wisdom. God bless💖

  9. Since the beginning of this year, my eyes and hears have been opened to see this deceitful artists and performers who claim to be born again believers. I have been surprised. I have revised my playlist. These individuals need our prayers to return back to the throne of grace with forgiveness.

  10. Hey my brother, I believe that the reason why this got blocked is because of the latest issues with YouTube with Copyright. Check up things like Content ID and Article 13. It's not only Censorship and hate speech my brother. Pretty soon, most Christians videos won't be available worldwide!!! Check it out my brother. Even check your description, some of the songs you used in the video have been found because of Content ID!!!

  11. For anybody looking check out Virgil Meares' praise worship music….
    Musician/Pastor: Virgil Meares
    album: Praise Worship
    We Have Overcome

    That entire album is Awesome and One of my top favorites. Check it out, but also a good steer in the right direction for good Holy, Spiritual music. God bless yall

  12. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life satan is bad choose Jesus today dont wayt till its to late Religion does not save and does not have the power to change a man's heart ; a relationship with God yes. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus, who died on the cross in our place for the forgiveness of our sins so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. Three days later, he was resurrected. We are saved by grace, we do not deserve it ; we are saved by grace through faith, not through good works, so that no one may glory. For if we want what we deserve then we all deserve to go to hell, for we all sinned and deprived of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. you must give him your life and not keep it to be even or take it back after giving it to him, because for a start, he did not create you for you, but for him.; he has plans for our lives projects of peace and not of misfortune in order to give us a future and hope, he loves you, he loved you so much, he redeemed you from death with his blood, you must give him your heart and life, When we receive him as our Lord and Savior and ask him sincerely for forgiveness for our sins and realize that we are sinful and that we cannot save ourselves, then we receive his spirit and a new heart, he comes to dwell in US and transforms us in his image., you have to repent what means changing your way of thinking and acting; you have to bear the fruit of repentance for myself I was caught in drugs, street gangs, alcohol, sex I was homeless, I slept on park benches, I passed near death several times waking up to the emergency without knowing why I was there half dead not recognizable, etc. I loved nobody I was jealous racist, I had no love, I was impatient, suicidal, I hatted life & evribody in the world . Jesus changed & transformed my life and broke all the chains that held me captive, filled me with love of compassion of patience filled with joy and peace… He is very much alive and resurrected it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me, he can change my life also if you place your confidence and your hope in him and what he has done for us, you must give him all your life and follow him, seek him with all your heart and he will reveal himself to you because he is written . Ask, And ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For he who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and he who knocks is opened. He is my way out of hell, once I was darkness and now I am light in the Lord I was lost now I am found I was blind now I see this is the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life, when I accepted Christ he gave me a new life in Christ, I no longer & had no desire to go back to my old life, I became a new creation born again the old things are gone; behold, all things are become new, I have been baptized for more than four months, and I go from glory to glory with the Lord I am on fire for him. He does not reject anyone who comes to him no matter what you think or what you have done, he loves you do not wait until it is too late, tomorrow could be too late & is not promised to anyone; there are many people in hell because the devil has convinced them, who could wait until tomorrow to accept Christ. Satan doesn't mind you accepting Jesus just not today. Jesus is the only way, life and truth no one comes to the Father except through him if you approach God, he will approach you…. Today is salvation day. All will have to make a choice one day God puts before you life and death and tells you to choose life so that you may live. Be blessed I love you choose to give your life & your heart to Jesus to live for him now, choose the light peace, joy, love, forgiveness…everyone asks questions and seeks answers that only God and the word can answer. In the world there is no hope or hope only Jesus Christ is this light this hope to abandon sin the world and all its lust and temptation…..Feel and see how good the Lord is! Blessed is the man who seeks refuge in him!

  13. When I went to a Bible believing church for the first time, unsaved, all they had was the pastors wife leading worship and a piano/organ player. I loved seeing the people raising their hands in worship, even though I did not understand why. About a week later I gave my life to Jesus, in one the the lady's home. She was a coworker and would tell me her testimony. I loved hearing about Jesus and what He did for her.

  14. All modern music is a giant degeneration. And Christians just simply follow the bandwagon of the world to tell them what is cool and hip. Look to classical and opera for true creative christian music, or even simply hymns of old and choir music. These were written long before Christians began pandering to the world to make money.


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