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Today we will be joined by Dave Dolphin of Practical Worship to discuss the issue of copyright licensing for churches. We will discuss the importance of CCLI licensing and the add-on licensing required to support legally live streaming popular Christian music. If you church live streams or posts podcasts with music covered by your CCLI license you should check out video to see what is covered by each CCLI license. We will review best practices for displaying your CCLI license on Facebook and YouTube during a live stream and tips for avoiding a copyright strike.

This is a great episode to learn about Christian Music Copyright law and how it applies to live streaming video on social media. Dave will cover music syncing licensing along with a host of other topics noted below:

Two forms of copyright (essence of the song, master recording of a song)
CCLI – covers tangible versions of the song (lyrics on a screen, charts printed, etc.), also includes a streaming/podcasting option and rehearsal option
CCS – covers the performance of songs outside of religious service exemption of copyright law
Fair Use – what it does (and does NOT cover) in terms of using copyrighted material in your own works (parodies vs derivatives)
Mechanical licenses – what, how, where
What services like CCLI, CCS, YouTube, Spotify cover for you… and what they don’t

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  1. I don't believe having a CCLI or CCS license covers streaming to YouTube or Facebook because they are 3rd party sites and carry their own licenses. The licenses from CCLI or CCS only cover if you are streaming to your own server. I may be mistaken, but I think it would be good to check with both CCLI and CCS to make sure you are giving accurate information.
    CCS covers millions of songs where as CCLI only covers 300,000


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