Citizen Soldier – Better Place (Official Lyric Video)

Gone, but never forgotten. Nothing hurts more than holding onto the memory of a loved one gone too soon.

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Lyric video by: Kyle Persell @kylepersell
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  1. I really love band that write really deep and meaningful lyrics. It always remind us to keep fighting, no matter what happens 🙂 Again and again, thank you for your amazing songs! And yes, I will share to anyone who needed this song.

  2. I love this song probably more then the other Wich I didn't think was possible but this song hits close to home this is actually how I am I've lost some people that mean the world to me 💔 and since I've lost them life has been very messed up to say the least but none the less i feel you put how I feel into song. Thank you guys I mean it from the bottom of my heart I truly love this song

  3. My best friend killed himself last year. I COMPLETELY relate to this song. I miss him so much! I think about him everyday. Wondering what it would be like if he were still here. Dear best friend: here’s you a cookie. I know you loved them🍪

  4. In the whole album there are really incredibly good songs that help other people mentally and that's an art to be able to do something like that. Respect for it and keep it that way.💪🏻

  5. This is so beautiful….

    I’ve never experienced anything like losing a loved one but I don’t even want to think abt someone I love just disappearing from my life. That very thought is terrifying and I can’t imagine going through that. Still, I appreciate you guys for this song and spreading the message for those who need support. That they r never alone in this.

    Thank you guys. You really deserve more recognition for the awesome work you do.<3


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