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NEW Christian Rap – LoYal – “Surrounded by Demons” Music Video(@ChristianRapz)[Christian Music]
NEW Christian Rap – LoYal – “Surrounded by Demons” Music Video(@ChristianRapz)[Christian Music]

Christian Rap – LoYal – "Surrounded by Demons" Music Video(@ChristianRapz)[Christian Music] by UCuz2ByCywk_7YIQWthZ_mww


  1. Patrick King
    Introvert Survival Tactics: How to Make Friends, Be More Social, and Be Comfortable In Any Situation (When You’re People’d Out and Just Want to Go Home And Watch TV Alone

  2. I love this song. It's sounds a lot like where a came from. This song reminded me of where Jesus has brought me from, and if He can do it for me then He can do it for anyone! Thank you brother for the song.

    "I know I'm here for a reason. You never know when we leaving. I'm going hard for the Kingdom. As long as I'm breathing."

  3. Another nother 1… keep Jesus first and you will never lose..Why people wanna be loyal to people who deep down don't have that same loyalty for you..From New York and never been a fan of the Knicks..you support who is good and at winning.otherwise I guess some like false hope and to be let down a lot..but you look at statistics..I want truth period and knows a Heavenly Father and son that if you just learn to be patient gives you exactly what you ask for and then some..in Jesus name Amen.

  4. Bro we brothers and know eachother from in heavan and may not know that we do as of rn but we know eachother & are hella fam ,,, sayin the same things about the same shit in the same way and coming out and standing up with it at the same time bruh!,,,

    All i have 2 say is Amen Amen,, in jesus name mane!,,, i hope we get to do a track together some way some how before we up in heavan back at the home sweet in the Studio of Magisty ,,,, but if not i aint even sweating it cuz well have forever to kut tracks to the lord with happyness and Grattitude in his glory & submerged in his Grace mang!,,,

    Once again Amen Amen!


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