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The biggest deception of this age, is that you can follow Jesus on the BROAD PATH to destruction. And that is why we see Christians mixing Jesus in with this world. I want to talk specifically about CHRISTIAN MUSIC. Pop Christian music GLORIFIES SATAN, because they use this music to further their own agenda on this world, and it is all about MAKING MONEY OFF GOD and it causes this world to mock the Lord. You see, whenever you see a Christian go and COPYRIGHT their music, they are working for satan.

They do not have the kingdom of God FIRST PLACE, otherwise they would be doing it for free. Because do you think we can charge money to praise our Lord? What an abomination! Christian music copies the WORLD’s music for the greater amount. I do not speak about ALL Christian music, rather mainstream Christian music. And what does the world love? SEX, and WORLDLINESS. And this Christian music copies the same. The only thing is they try and add Jesus lyrics into it to make it a little better for them because they still haven’t left the world, yet they don’t want to be seen as totally unGodly. We cannot worship the name of the Lord if we are IN OUR SINS, walking WORLDLY PATHS. Jesus won’t accept your worship. He doesn’t want to listen to people who don’t want to turn away from the world. Christians want to mix the world into their music because it is POPULAR. What does everybody like my friend? They all like this popular music because it sells It is all about MONEY. So all this AMERICAN MUSIC is taking many people to the fire, because for a start, their hearts are not right before Lord.

And that is why they can go along to all these Christian music concerts and dance around as if they are in a nightclub and think they are doing God a service. I want to tell you one thing: There is only one way you are going to be able to praise God, and he is going to be pleased with you, and that is when you are living a HOLY LIFE SEPARATED FROM THE WORLD and you are praising him in your private place, because you are worshipping him in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. Not in worldly christian music concerts where they come along, they take all the money, and they continue to live a life of SIN. The people who come along and watch that music, their HEARTS are not right before the Lord. Dear friends, we have to worship Jesus in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. Not as the WORLD sings and dances. Otherwise how are you ever going to be able to stand before Jesus?

He is going to ask you, ‘Why did you represent me with the world?’ My friend, Jesus has NOTHING in common with this world, so neither should we. Separate yourself unto him. PRAISE his name by all means with music. But you do it, with a HOLY and PURE HEART. Don’t use the music that these wicked Christians are using for their own ends, because half of it is sexual and worldly, because it follows the sexual and worldly music of this perverted western, generation. May Jesus bless you….
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'Christian' Music that Glorifies SATAN by UCfUa7757yS0lW4dGzNNmiYw


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