"Chills" – Down With Webster (Lyric Video)

“Chills” – Down With Webster Official Lyric Video
DWW on tour 2014! Tickets available at www.downwithwebster.com

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  1. I grew up listening to these guys. Going on car rides when my dad would visit and my sister would put in their CD and we'd scream the lyrics. Good times! Down With Webster is amazing.

  2. I love Down With Webster (DWW) and for the 14 people who disliked it shouldn't have pressed that button if they knew better. This is my opinion, and I'm simply stating it, so before you start writing unnecessary comments that will only develop in an argument, rethink it and reply in a positive way for all those DWW fans out there, or give this post a like. 😉 This video has really awesome editing and, like the others say, deserves way more likes. Luv ya


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