Camila Cabello – This Love (Lyrics)

Lyric Video of “This Love” by @Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello – This Love (Lyrics)

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  1. JL.. U want to walk away?? Than dont send me any love songs or poem.. Only then i know ur serious.. And i swear i wont send u any or rply any comments on this wall. Tell me ur saying goodbye forever.. 😢

  2. Bullshit. Who has been hurt? Build a walls and watch them fall. You have Spoke to me in a long time. Text or talk. I guess this is just your game. Fucki g call me and say you love me. Plz. Before it's too late. I Love you. Both. So who will it be. AJ, BJ. And u both know exactly why?? Ggggrrrrrrr.


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