Song “Call Me Karizma: U Suck Lyrics” from Call Me Karizma Lyrics album:

I struggle with being myself sometimes
My mirror hates me, I wish I was blind
You fucking wrecked me, like crashing my car
You’d win an Espy for playing my heart
And it’s the last time you crash mine
Party’s over! Everyone sober up
Can’t sleep because you woke me up
You must have broke your phone, you won’t text me back
Fuck a rhyme you won’t get this rap
You’re probably off chasing tail or high
Getting a stale goodbye as you’re walking your walk of shame
I forgot your name and I’ma fail to try

[Chorus – ?]

I have an ex love. They haunt my thoughts
I think I hate you, I think I’m wrong
You fucking left me for someone new
But that’s ok now I’m great ‘cus I’m done with you
Did you see my face when you held their waist?
Did you say the same shit you told me?
Did you cry to them while you lied by them?
Did you send the same fucking emojis?
It’s a bitch you’re a bitch, though
You played my ass like Nintendo
Remember that time we had sex in your car
And you wrote a big heart on my window? I do


You cheated on me but the beat is knocking
And I don’t give a fuck
I’m not here to forgive. I’m here to tell you, you suck
So, the next time you call me bawling
And hope I take you back
You better face the facts
I’m a work of art and now my heart is all painted black
You made it that


Call Me Karizma: U Suck Lyrics from Call Me Karizma Lyrics

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