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Cadet, Underrated Legend
The Commitment 2 EP is out right now ya get me
Underrated Legend
Part 2
Fucking classic, ya get me
Uh, yeah
Uh, look

Venting, it feels like a nigga needs help
I don’t wanna say too much though
‘Cause it feels like I’ve got nothing to myself
Already said about stereotype
And I said everything about slut
I told you lot about waiting by the window
How my Father was really on drugs
But, shit ain’t changed that much though
What am I gonna do lie?
What’s the point in that
If you already know my life
You already know about gipset days
Violate cousin get banged in the face
And we done the whole Krept’s cousin
I’m my own man look how I sit in my ways
Now I know you wanna hear a story
I’m now gonna give you one nigga pipe down
But this one ain’t about back then
No this one’s about right now
So Allah I beg you guide me
And make everything I say be truth
I just want them to understand
So they can see the world in my view
But anyway now where was we
My Father, you an idol to me
Even downloaded Twitter remember for me
Just so he can retweet
Anyway shit’s all good in the hood
And I still live with my Dad in the city
Normally the vibe’s calm in the house
Last month he’s been moving iffy
I’m like “yo Pops what’s going on?”
He says “I’m gonna tell you” I says “when?”
And right now a nigga be nervous
Normally he would address shit there and then
See a’ight its bait, like he wants time
To plan and see what he’s gonna say
I won’t put you in a nervous way
Cool, I’ll skip this a couple of days
He takes me and my Sister’s Shisha
We just wanna know what’s going on
And he’s telling man his usual jokes
We’re looking at him like, Dad what’s wrong
And he’s still telling his jokes
[?] on a smoke
I’m snapping and getting at the camera
And right in the middle of his jokes is banter
I hear this man say something about cancer
But of course he tries to carrying on talking
Sister’s crying I’m here going stiff
And he’s saying “hell they caught it early
It’s normal shit it’ll be normal quick”
Now maybe I sound naive and shit
But I didn’t think this shit really exists
I thought that shit only happened on the tv
Never someone so close to the kid
So na man I ain’t trying to hear that
I ain’t trying to hear that
No fuck that I ain’t trying to hear that
You’re my Dad I ain’t trying to hear that
So now I gotta see my Dad go through
On top of all that shit my Dad’s gone through
He just went from a crack head to a king
Like how much shit can a man go through?
And everyday after that was stress
‘Cause every week after that was tests
I’m learning shit about keyhole surgery
Spending all the hours on the NHS
And they get set for the operation
We-we just gotta get prepared
Staying strong like a father should
But I looked in his eyes I could see that he’s scared
Anyway the operation was a success
The cancer’s gone, but now he’s so weak
But I don’t wanna ask dumb questions
Like “Dad are you okay?” [?]
And me I don’t talk me I just stare
And I ain’t even on my tough stuff
It’s just my brain I can’t comprehend
Seeing superman so fucked up
With that night man I slept there
But you know, just as much as I can sleep I’m
So close to my Dad his guardian angels
Gotta try get through me
Remember that story when I was a youngin
And I missed my birthday and fell asleep at that window
Now I’m sleeping right next to my Dad
And I’m moving the cover every time that the wind blows
Told him rest for six weeks by the second week
It was back at the office, taking care of business
Man I hate it but I guess that’s what a boss is
Taking care of a fucked up me, my sister and my little bro
Still being the whole head of the family
Hearing Nanny saying that she won’t go
‘Cause ever since Grandad gone she’s changed
He was the youth now he’s gone she’s aged
Never thought my nan would need a cane
Now I gotta watch her walk and shake
Wallahi you always had my back and
[?] you gave me a reason to
So Nanny please don’t leave me yet
Man I need you more than God needs you
And I’m trying to get over my selfish ways
I’ve been putting off seeing you for so long
‘Cause it hurts me when I see you shake
But still you get up, I see you brave
And feelings I ain’t got time for man
Would’ve thought you were invincible
See I hold you and feel death in your hands
But look at you and see life in your eyes
Remember when Krept got his MOBA
So happy tears could’ve poured
And you looked at me and said
“Sorry if I ain’t around to see you get yours”
You see, normally I’d say fuck awards
They’re fake but this one bores true
Cause like, every time I ain’t nominated
Granny what you say gets more true
See I need to be a better grandson
I need to be a better son too
I need to handle my stress better
And be someone you can run too
My father, you my idol
I’d be happy if I be half of you
But anyway I say all of that
And turn around and tell to you
Daddy “look I love you,” uh
Look I’m a Daddy’s boy and I love you
Uh, Cadet uh
Look I’m a Daddy’s boy and I love you
Uh, Cadet Ca-
Look I’m a Daddy’s boy and I love you
Look I’m a Daddy’s boy and I love you

Underrated Legend man, Underrated Legend
Commitment EP is out right now man on my feelings boom
Commitment 2 the EP is out right now
Cadet the Underrated Legend man

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