Bon Iver – Faith – Official Lyric Video

i,i – out now #icommai

Created/Produced/Directed by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson
Artwork by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson

Featuring: Randall Riley & Taylor Collier (TU Dance)

Additional Engineering: BJ Burton, Bella Blasko. Additional Production: BJ Burton. Musicians: Francis Starlite – Buchala. BJ Burton – TR 8’s. Brooklyn Youth Chorus w/ Bryce Dessner – Choral. Camilla Staveley-Taylor – Dist Vocals. Jenn Wasner – Choral. Sad Sax of Shit – Saxophones. Zach Hanson – Keyboards. Dessner – Piano. Joe Westerlund – Shaker. Buddy Ross – Synth, Piano. Rob Moose – Violin, Viola, Octave Viola, String Arrangement, Worm Crew Arrangement, Conductor. Worm Crew – Horns. Eric Carlson, Aaron Anderson, Brad Cook, Graham Tolbert, El Jerry, Chris Messina – Losers. Writers: Camilla Staveley-Taylor, BJ Burton, Francis Starlite.

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  1. At 2:24 , The lyrics on the screen wrote “i did my believing — seeing every time”. He’s actually singing “do i believe in seeing every time?”. So if you read the lyrics and sing that out instead, you basically believed in seeing. Idk if im crazy but thats just my interpretation.

  2. Watched you in Vancouver a month ago. What can I say… still hypnotized, still weakened at the knees, and EVER so thankful artists like you exist. Artists that take us to another level of feeling and another realm outside of this currently battered world. I hope you guys never stop making music and keep gifting us with your magic.

  3. Idk why but this song moves me like no other…maybe it’s cause I feel like my faith in everything has hit an all-time low and this song makes me feel less alone. Everything about this song is perfect and the lyrics holds truth that only wisdom can bring, that faith is something that ebbs and flows but you’ve got to hang on.

  4. I want to learn this choreography so badly! It’s so beautiful… the type of movements that are practically releasing situations and feelings… I don’t think I’m making sense but if you listen to: Hey Ma, Faith, Marion and Rabi (and in that order) you may feel what I’m feeling… beautiful

  5. Sometimes, while I'm lying underneath the vast night sky full of millions of stars.. I wonder about all of the other humans living, having lived, and will live in the world. And I think of my ancestors. I think, what do they believe of me? What do they see in me? Am I important or insignificant to them? Andthen I think about that crush I have, on that cute guy. And I think of how painful crushes are, and how painful it is to see your best friend decide she wants him. And I know she will get him. Because shes kind, joyful, beautiful, and smart. But then I wonder, why am I getting sad about such small events in my life? When theres an entire world around me, an entire universe around me. Babies are being born, others are fading out, maybe having their life flash before their eyes. There are bloody wars being waged, love being made, dances being done, theres people shaking with laughter at this very moment, and others shaking with grief. And we are all on this little planet together. Theres music like this being created. And here you and I are, amongst thousands who connect to this music emotionally. We are all emotional , chaotic messes. And we cry about crushes and we cry about the bigger questions, like death and whether we are living to our purpose. And all this crazy shit, that we call life, well it's a beautiful kind of nonsense. Like this album is. And when all my thoughts come together like this.. i then just feel joyfulness radiating through my veins. And think, God, this very moment, is the most beautiful thing ever.

  6. Have been a Bon Iver/Volcano Choir fan since seeing them on ACL almost 10 years ago, and this song – vinyl cranked up to 11 on a really nice audio system, is MIND BLOWING. Thanks Justin Vernon.


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