Billy Talent – Forgiveness I + II (Official Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for Forgiveness I + II by Billy Talent
Produced & Edited by: Morgan Gold
Artist: Michelle Kruger
IG: @krugerartist

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  1. I love this so much! Everything just fits so nicely and it makes my heart happy. Ian's guitar and Jon's bass rifts remind me of BT III, but with a new sound,. And as a saxophone player myself who's covered some of your songs in the past, I'm just so impressed and happy, Good job guys, love you always!

  2. Wow I'm seeing a lot of spanish comments! I really want you guys start a Latin America tour please!! Also I'm really surprised about this new track, amazing experimental rhythms! That riffs and sax wow what a interesting sound mix!

  3. What a great jam. Love the chorus line in Part I, "Searching for the end, but the journey's the reason for existence." Part II feels straight up like the end credits of Cowboy Bebop, esp when the horns come in! Love the tonal change.

  4. I hear exactly what he's saying, and wow I resonate and relate SO deeply. And I think anyone who understands, the ones who are "awake", will feel the same when they hear those lyrics. Bravo guys 👏❤


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