I was so happy I got to lead worship with Matt today and sing Raise A Hallelujah (by Bethel Music) with him! I hope you all like this worship cover, we had a lot of fun singing it today! Raina Dowler 🙂

Bethel Music – Raise A Hallelujah – Worship Cover by UCjcGMDNt46R63BOaRLId2CQ


  1. Thanks, guys! I'm so glad you liked this one! I'm amazed at how awesome Christian music is today and I just love singing it! Thanks for all your support and the very kind and encouraging comments! –Raina Dowler 🙂

  2. And another expansion of your talent. This was amazing to watch. I am so fortunate to be witnessing amazing talent these past few months. Heard an amazing young artist last night in New Orleans and now this. WOW what a weekend I have had. Keep growing Raina. You are going to light the world more than you know.

  3. If only I could hit 'like' an infinite number of times and have each time count!

    There's lots of Christian/religious songs out that I really like a lot. Hymnals can be great, but all the other related music is super awesome. In the late 90s, or it might have been early '00s, when I was going to services at my family church, I had joined bible study, became part of the team that counted the tithes and offerings money – and I even was in the choir. We had done a play-like performance once while I was a choir member and I had a solo piece – a Christian rap titled "Fishing For Men." The pastor had asked if anyone in the choir liked rap and i was the only one that said I do, so I was asked if I could do the rap. I listened to it, memorized it and did it! I don't remember it now, but it's been a while.


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