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Artist: JB Real



1. Blame it ( Holy Ghost Remix )
2. Dead and gone

Best of Christian Music Vol. 63 ( Blame it Christian Remix, Dead and Gone Christian Remix ) by UCta3_pOxhJ0epnpZ0XyTqkw


  1. @BostonBarnikle It doesnt really matter what the beats is as long as its praising God its alright, but if you believe it they should have other beats then praise God for your believes.
    Romans 14:15-23 and Romans 15:7

  2. @BostonBarnikle Man you got a good point but look at it like this. Secular Rap is dirty unclean and Christ made it clean by using these young ppl. Just like he has made us all clean who believe and love him.

  3. nope not true cause this music I am posting got me out of listening to the secular music, I have no desire to listen to the secular version, of course through our lifre we will hear this music from other people but you will never hear it in my car or iphone or anything, only christian music that I my self listen to.


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