The Believers Music Playlist is a collection of hours of music from Believers singing and worshiping from around the world. This compilation of 8+ hours of songs contain Congregational, Choir, Duets, and special singing from many churches, fellowship meetings, youth camps and revivals from the Bride of Jesus Christ.

These songs have being downloaded through free public access and collected over the many years from the websites below.

Bibleway Music (

Evening Light Tabernacle Music (

Third Exodus Music

Happy Valley Church

Bible Believers Fellowship of Scotland

Tim Mullens Music

Living Word Broadcast

Believers Music Playlist #01 (8+ Hours of Worship Songs) by UCzREeaZMQlbIkgZsnT0aNoQ


  1. If ever I have longed for such a collection of Believers songs, it is now. May blessings fall on you. Let whoever will listen be enlightened and blessed as well. Thanks to whoever compiled them. God bless you.


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