Song “Babyface: I Care About You Lyrics” from Babyface Lyrics album:

Sometimes I feel so alone
I call your heart
But there’s no one at home
Taking a toll on my pride
I’m reaching out
But there’s no one inside

It doesn’t feel right, when I look in your eyes
I know love is blind, but the heart doesn’t lie
I’ll ask one more time, maybe this time you’ll try
So tell me girl what’s deep in your heart

Girl I care ’bout you
I’m there for you
So why don’t you care for me
Like I care ’bout you

I spend like all of my days
Trying to cess out just how things got this way
I thought that we were in love
But I swear right now I don’t know what you want

I make sure that I give you quality time
But lately I feel you’re not home by design
But still I’m gonna try, you’re the love of my life
In hopes that you will open your heart


Sometimes I’m not sure
I’m all you’ve got
Sometimes I’m not sure if you love me or not
One thing I know
Girl I care for you
And the one thing that I want is that you care for me too

[HOOK 2 times]

Babyface: I Care About You Lyrics from Babyface Lyrics

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