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[Hook: Baby-E]
Light up, light up
Strike a match and watch the flames burn bright
Light up, light up
Breathe deep and let it clear your mind
When you start feeling down, light one up, pass it ’round
Keep your chin up and head high cause nothing’s forever
Light up, light up
Breathe deep and put it in the sky

[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
I’m never drinking and driving, I’m only smoking and flying
Too many dying, alcohol related death’s multiplying
So you know, we gotta keep it in perspective
Get my point across, like a boss and make sure that mi gente gets the message
I’m just gonna blow up on this fire, who got the lighter?
You want that sherbert OG Kush, that cookie gets you higher
Need no crazy pills, they give me no crazy thrills
That’s cause how a playa feels, I’m smoking until the wheels fall off
Yeah, and that’s how we keep it lifted
California fine’s are organically engifted
I’m in love with Mary Jane, some call it that Marichuana
I’m the one you call when you need that good ganja

[Hook: Baby-E]

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
Inhale, exhale, fucking right I love it
I got murder munchies, I’ll die without chicken McNuggets
Used to buy bags, now I bring it back in buckets
The fuck is this a seed? My nigga, you must be bucking
I don’t smoke less than OG Kush bitch
Y’all boys smoking on that bull shit
Probably ain’t even coughing off none of that
If I was you, I wouldn’t even much none of that
Can’t even smell it when it’s burning, that’s that lil boy shit
I’m a grown man, I don’t smoke with lil boys bitch
Super Sour Mix with that cookie
Veteran lungs since day one, I’ve never been a rookie
Plain RAW papers, or RAW paper cones
If I add a styrofoam cup I ain’t gon’ make it home
I’m just saying I’m so gone, I don’t even know where I’m suppose to be at
How the fuck we suppose to be sober when Mary Jane everywhere we at

[Hook: Baby-E]

[Verse 3: Berner]
Cookie smoke in the air, there’s police everywhere
Yeah I smoke where I want, now I don’t really care
Will I share? I don’t know
If I’m down? I’m in town for a week
Let’s go half on that pound, yeah I only want that loud
Yo, we don’t make a sound that ain’t good
No swishas, no woods, bong hits if we could
Roll another one, think we should
You can smell it through the bag
I made it killing off the wax, so wanna take another dab?

[Hook: Baby-E]

Baby Bash: Light Up Light Up Lyrics from Baby Bash Lyrics

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