Song “B5: Torture Lyrics” from B5 Lyrics album:

I don’t really care if you don’t call
Won’t really change my life at all,
Don’t think I think too much about it, ooh
You think that you got under my skin
Think that I let you in
And I can’t let you go
Well what, what do you know
I don’t need to see you
I don’t really need you
I don’t really care

Every minute you’re gone
It’s a minute too long
Every day you’re away, you know it’s torture
It’s torture
And when you’re not by my side
I am barely alive
I can barely survive, you know it’s torture
I die a lil more inside… Every minute you’re gone

I don’t really care if you’re with me
It’s not gonna make my life complete
Don’t think I need to be around you
You think that you mean more than you do
Think I just think about you and nothing,
Nothing else
Go on convince your self
I’m not all about you
I’ll be fine with out you
I don’t really care


I don’t want to admit it
I’m so caught up in it
So I tell you I don’t care
But it’s hard to breathe
When you’re not there

[Chorus 2x]

B5: Torture Lyrics from B5 Lyrics

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