Song “B5: Cookie Lyrics” from B5 Lyrics album:

What u scared of,
Tell me what u scared of [x3]
What u scared of?

Cookie good, cookie sweet,
cookies good enough to eat [x4]

Nice cookie, right cookie
Love me all night cookie
Eat it like a diet cookie, just the way I like cookie
Hop up on that pipe cookie
Ride it like a bike cookie
Quit with all the talkin
Just do it, Nike cookie
My cookie, best cookie,
Aquafina wet cookie
Louis, gucci proda, yeah you know she got that fresh cookie
Love the way it feel cookie
Make a nigga kill cookie
10, 50, 20 got that hundred dollar bill cookie
Make a nigga cheat cookie
Make a chick skeet cookie
Freak her so good that she ain’t see me in a week cookie
Really, really deep cookie
Beat it like a beat cookie
In case she ain’t know she got that sugar low and sweet cookie


She got that new cookie (ooo)
Tell her whole crew cookie
Slap it, flip it, chop it like u know kung fu cookie
She got that good cookie
She got that hood cookie
One minute man she wish a nigga would cookie
Breakfast, lunch, dinner four food group cookie
Scoop it when your in it, eat it with a spoon cookie
Tina Ike cookie
Robin Mike cookie
Buy a ring and turn that chick into my wife cookie
Lips and tounge said it fit just right cookie
She gon cum once, twice, maybe thrice cookie
She got that creamy cookie, she got that chocolate cookie
U know the kind, make me shoot off like a rocket cookie!

[Chorus x2]

What u scared of, tell me what u scared of [x3]

(Uh) What u scared of? Tell me what u scared of
If u aint beatin shawty, why the hell u here for?
She got that fly cookie like she in the air force
That sleepy hollow cookie, knock a niqqa head off
Put it on u so good that u can not answer yo phone cookie
Type of shit that can make any grown man moan cookie
She got that juicy booty
Big ‘ol double bubble booty
She got that warm water, jaccuzi cookie
Why u sayin tho, tell me why u sayin tho?
She got that cookie even broke niggas payin for
Never seen before cookie, that jane doe
I beat that cookie down
But thats what its made for
And when she fling it back
Love the way she bring it back
Knock it, drop it
Yeah I rock that cookie like like a fitted cap
That soul food make u wanna take a nap
So how ’bout u let me get all up inside that kitty cat


B5: Cookie Lyrics from B5 Lyrics

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