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As I look through the evening sky
I think to myself how much He must love you and I
The Milky Way makes me look
Like a piece of dust on the road
But the Milky Way is a speck of dust
Compared to my Lord
That’s how big He is That’s how big He is

And I don’t know that much about astronauts
But I know that Jesus cares an awful lot
he made the stars He made the moon
just think of how much more He love you
ya ya ya ya

Space may be the final frontier
For a lot of people who show no fear
They step outside and they look around
They take a sample and come back down
Have they ever found the meaning of life out the

"Astronaut" Uncle Charlie Worship Songs (Music Sample) by UCn2oYROh6XK2HXZDucD1lcA


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