Aradhana Sthuthi Aaradhana | ఆరాధన స్తుతి ఆరాధన | Latest Telugu Christian Worship Song Official with Subtittles and Lyrics | Pastor. Ravinder Vottepu ©

In reality, Worship is not only when, you walk into a church, the choir stands to their feet, the band is on, and you are lifting up your hands high, singing at the heights of your throat! – It is a whole-life response to God’s greatness and glory. It is nothing but a lifestyle that you chose to live for the One seated in the throne of your heart.

In the practical realm, it is the step by step obedience to God, it is choosing God over every other temptation, over self-glory, over one’s own desire which are against God’s will. It is the wholesome love, which you want to shower on your Creator for what He has done for you. And you do not want to miss out a single chance, in showing Him that you love Him with everything you have, in this life-time – that is worship! It is plainly our response to that awesome God with all our mind, our soul, all of our passion and all our strength.

Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. – John 15:8.

This song, Aaradhana Sthuthi Aaradhana talks about the Worship that glorifies God the most, which is done through a lifestyle of complete obedience to the Lord, not just through empty singing. It reminds us of the heroes of faith in the Bible, to chose to Worship the living God to the point of their complete submission even until their death.

Let’s be inspired by this to worship our God above the singing, above the music – in our hearts, letting the Lord to occupy our thrones within, letting him lead us in every step, giving Him the preference over everything else, making Him our top most Priority.

Let us worship God in Spirit and in truth through the song of our lives!
God Bless You

Lyrics-chords :

Written | Composed | Sung : Pr. Ravinder Vottepu
Music : Ashirwad Luke
Music Produced : Joel N Bob
Our Special Thanks To : Dalavai Family (Lamb of God Our Saviour Ministries)
Shoot | Edit : Don Valiyavelicham
Helicam : Arun Ashok
Light Unit : Justin Valiyavelicham | Appu Samz (Crew D-Movies)
Post Production : D-Movies Production Studio
Production Controller : Aswini Anna Mathew
Online Arranger : Saino Kunjumon (D-Musics)
Online Manager : Shebin Babu (D-Movies)

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Aradhana Sthuthi Aaradhana| Latest Telugu Christian Worship Song Official|Pastor. Ravinder Vottepu © by UCxlknfmuhn2gqGnv9_zumTQ


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