Anson Seabra – Last Time (lyric video)

Anson Seabra – Last Time


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Anson Seabra

Artwork by Messdup Chafii

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  1. I always love the thumbnail & song coordination on this channel! I hardly need anything more than the thumbnail to know if it’ll compliment my current mood (I still end up watching every upload anyway 😜)

  2. Currently in love with a girl and pretty optimistic that we could get together yet this song made me feel like I'm 5 years in the future, having tried it over and over again with her and having to accept that it won't work out what the hell is going on

  3. This is the last time that you’ll see me weak; you’ll see me next time smilin and laughing.

    Thanks, Anson Seabra for the last time ❤️😥😅 thank you for makin me feel hurt again, from through all the years. Thanks also to MrSuicideSheep❤️🐏🐑❤️ for making this possible. 👋🏼👊🏻

  4. ⚡️Humans are incredibly resilient. You can survive so much if you can see some sort of light or you have light inside or somebody helps you see the light. We keep trying because there is benefit in it.

  5. He's going to be so famous promise 🙂 I'll be the guy who gonna comment when he does and dam he'll grow to a point where he was on this amazing channel. Man memories how people come and go 😢


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