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Our ministry is full-time. At this point , we do not have any church financially supporting us. We continue to evangelize, and our worship music channel on here on YouTube has close to 2.8 million views, reaching into 234 nations(according to Google Analytics), and our free worship music on iTunes has somewhere around 200-250 songs we’ve produced. All our music is free; we never charge for our worship music, we thank all those who have given to support our ministry.

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Introducing Shiloh Worship Music. Original FREE Praise and Worship Music & more! Our style is very eclectic ranging from Messianic/Hebrew to Contemporary Worship to Bluegrass Gospel to Neo-Folk to Reggae to Celtic to African Style Worship,etc. Most songs Are in English, some songs are in English and Spanish, and a few songs have been translated into other languages like Hebrew, Swahili, French, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, and Korean,Italian,Latin. Etc. We produce FREE Original Praise and Worship Music & Music Videos as well as Hymns & Gospel Songs in the Public Domain-Please check out our free Christian Worship Music on the iTunes Store
Free Christian Worship Music on the iTunes Store
Please check out our free Christian Worship Music on the iTunes Store. We offer 9 free Podcasts that contain our original worship music. Below are the links- if you like them you can subscribe FREE and receive new songs in the form of podcasts as they are released.

Free Bluegrass Gospel Hymns and Songs from Shiloh Worship Music. Old Standard Hymns and Songs as well as Original Bluegrass Gospel Songs.


FREE Contemporary Christian Worship

Original Worship music SUBSCRIBE in iTunes We Love Jesus, we are simple christian disciples of Jesus using our gifts to lavish our love and lives for Him. To point others to Jesus. our music is simple-most of these original songs are prayers to Jesus set to music. Although our music is copyrighted ©2000-2013 Shiloh Worship Music, to prevent misuse, feel free to pass this music around for any and all non-commercial use. Jesus said, “freely you have received, freely give!”

祈る日本 Christian songs 津波 Jesus ccm worship praise 敬拜赞美 耶稣基督 Иисус Христос поклонения похвалы музыки Christus Lob Musik यीशु मसीह की पूजा प्रशंसा क्रिश्चियन संगीत musique chrétienne

These videos are works of Video Artwork created to accompany our original music as an educational and research vehicle to teach others about Jesus Christ and Christianity.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: images used for nonprofit, educational purposes only under the “fair use” provision of U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.
Hymn with Lyrics (Musical Genre)
Classic Hymn (Musical Genre)
Scripture Songs (Musical Genre)
Contemporary Praise & Worship (Musical Genre)
Shiloh Worship Music (Musical Group)
Bethel (Musical Group)
Jesus Culture (Musical Group)
Keith Green (Musical Group)
Hillsong (Musical Group)
Contemporary Christian Music (Musical Genre)
Revival Songs (Musical Genre)
Hipster Worship (Musical Genre)

All Creation Shall Sing Your Name-Shiloh Worship Music by UCYUhvfyEaaouCC71bJX5mBQ



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