Alec Benjamin – Mind Is A Prison [Official Lyric Video]

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Creative Director: Clare Gillen
Director: Peter B. Samuels
Cinematography: Peter B. Samuels
Edit/Color: Peter B. Samuels
Production Assistant: Jeremy Reynoso
Production Company: IAMSOUND

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  1. these are some of the most personal lyrics i've ever written .. was very nervous to share them with you .. hope you like it and i hope that if you relate to it in some way it helps to know that you aren't alone !

  2. This song can be interpreted in so many different ways which makes it even more beautiful than it already is. “Strips of ribbon” has such a playful, dreamy connotation where as the rest of the song is meaningful and slightly sad. Seeing the ways people have taken this song in is really special because they can relate to this or make different back stories to the lyrics. The instruments hook you in, but the words keep you there. Keep being amazing, Alec. We got you

  3. This is so relatable, thank you so much Alec! All your songs are a new genre in itself! From the moment I discovered you (it was through Jimin's personal Spotify playlist) I can't believe how much truth I can imbibe♡

    Someone show this to #JIMIN and also I kinda feel this #SUGA #HALSEY vibe!

  4. I honestly found you by accident while listening to Pandora one day, and I have been absolutely in love with your music since. Your songs are so relatable and real that some of them bring me to tears.

  5. i remember when i started listening to your music. it was around a few years ago, before you became famous. your music is always so beautiful. even though you wont see this, i hope you are doing okay, alec. you helped many of us through hard times and i, hopefully others as well, will try to help you. your music is always so sweet because its truthful. its honest. its real. thankyou.


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