Song “Abra Cadabra: Robbery Aftermath Lyrics” from Abra Cadabra Lyrics album:

Just got your missed call my brother, tell me what’s good
(Wagwan, wagwan, what you tellin’ me-Kush)
I’m lookin’ at all this grub I think we should get out the hood
(Ah yeah – Kush).

Real good bro, where Legz wheres Abz with the good tho?

Looks peak let me light up the ounto

Aight cool let me phone up the ounto

(Brrr brrr brrr)

Yo Legz where you at
Pops just got to his gaff, phone Abz, see where he at
I’m gonna skrr out with the strap, phone Abz imma be right back
(Aight cool – Legz).

Abz what’s good
(Wagwan where you -Abra Cadabra)
I just got to my mums
(Ah cool – Abra Cadabra)
Popz and Kush its pattern hope your not moving dumb
(Just cool, just cool – Abra Cadabra)
Tell me what’s up.

[Abra Cadabra:]
Man got racks on racks right now I’m at a Scrum Tums yard
(Pure pattern)
Just after Popz signed out, I saw blue lights darg I was gone

Man had to skrr skrr skrr on the back road darg it was maud
(You’re moving mad-Legz)
Man had to rev out the car, fire out the car, cut tru the park

Tell me what’s happening, wheres Popz, wheres Kush with the hand ting (local)
X5 on the block its a madting (swear)
Kush better pray they don’t grab him (he’s good)

Gonna phone up popz.
Said he’s patterned up the scrub.
(Say no more)
Then I need to phone up Kush
See if he patterned up the snub (nah man)
Fuck that conference call, we need to pattern up the stuff
(Fuck that phone shit man that’s hot man tell the mandem link man I need food – Abra Cadabra) (sure)

In the back of the car
Me, Legz, Popz, Abz in the passenger
We skr skr to the yard (skrr)
And we kick down doors
Ran up to the plug
Niggas know we get paid in
Get a lick on the curb
It’s time for new changes
Fuck boys they be hating
Couldn’t really give a fuck
About you niggas cah were raiding

No chase, s no cases
New papers, new paigons
3 hand tings free Masons
Got the grub stuck in the basement

Why the fuck that bitch be screaming?
She must have been dreaming
If she thought one of the g’s would’ve beat it
Man run up in here for the Phoenix (for the phoenix)
So tek weh yuh self and put down your panty me in da way of a meeting (move)

[Abra Cadabra:]
Run up in the yard all maud
Just cool and sit down
I beg you tell me where to find the grub
Any loose chat I’ll be lighting him up

Kush went what’s up Tell me what your dip on
Make sure you have the 4 fizzy popped up
Fi know so we can’t lose a weapon

[Abra Cadabra:]
Now its time for a eat again
We have to rise up the g’s again
Same routine again
Booting in doors of the biggest skengs

No need to beat the skeng
Do the move and leave again
I got the Peter friend
Try know I’ll believe in him

Yo bros, this is getting addictive (Man love it)
Fuck what the [?]
Stick up man like (give me that)
Man move vicious until the end of the mission
Can’t have no sympathy for the boy that’s wishing

Man I just put p’s in the safe
So I’m broke doing road here eat again
Big cash gotta rise up the heat again
Pop said he got a Peter friend
Like beat the skeng
If you got faith in him
And he’s outrating him
We can take him in
Cah we gotta get the paper in
Yea we gotta get the paper in

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