Song “ABK (Anybody Killa): Get Down Lyrics” from ABK (Anybody Killa) Lyrics album:

Here I go, back in your face
Breaking out with some sweet shit of that you can taste, so
Check me out, drown your doubt
If you’re feeling what I’m giving let me hear you shout

That’s what I’m talking about
Got the whole crowd kicked up from inside out
In other words, I just slaughtered the mic
And you can blame the holy water cause it got me high (for real!)
I’m a professional
So it’s best to confess, I’m untestable
People say that I’m out of control
Because I’m so abstract when it comes to my flow (my flow)
I’m hotter than a space heater
Give the world Scarlet Fever just to make em’ all believers (all believers)
Call me a face you can trust
If you ever need a crazy native ready to bust

Get down
Lay low
Get down
Lay low

Tell me how you feel
You lookin’ winded, I suggest you chill (ch-ch-chill)
Get out the game if you can’t keep up
Just because you think the underground place too rough (too rough)
I’ve been doing this
Native Funk, so I ain’t new to this
I’m an old school cat, but I’m
Young at heart with a brand new axe (chop chop)
Just enough, to do what I do
When it’s time to clear a path to make some room (man, look out!)
Push a bitch-boy straight to the back
It’s obvious that a good time is what they lack (cheers, homie!)
Abusive cause they mind is closed
It’s like they all got infected by the haters code
Put em’ in they place for real
And if they make a fuckin’ move then you know the drill

Get down
Lay low
Get down
Lay low

Bare knuckle, give it all you got
Pop a blood sucka’ if he munchin’ on your knot (bitch!)
Get down like you supposed to do
And grab the world by the balls and try to pop them too
Let em’ know who they fuckin’ with
I’m a drunk, slash, weed head, lunatic
King of the mountains so I’m wearing a crown
Head huntin’ through my life and I ain’t fuckin’ around

Get down
Lay low
Get down
Lay low

ABK (Anybody Killa): Get Down Lyrics from ABK (Anybody Killa) Lyrics

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